TaylorMade Golf Locks Up Weir

Hey everyone… thanks for dropping by. More odds and ends for you tonight so let’s get straight to business.

TaylorMade Golf has extended the equipment contract of Mike Weir through 2008. Weir will also now wear Adidas shoes… something he hasn’t done in the past. This is a huge year for Weir… people are starting to wonder if he can get back to his form from a few years ago. He usually plays his best golf early in the year so these next few months should give us a few answers.

Keeping with TaylorMade… the company has also officially introduced the R7 Steel and R7 Titanium fairway woods. We talked about these a while back and now consumers will be able to see them in April. Both clubs will feature movable weight technology (both come with a 2 and a 14 gram weight) and really round out the TaylorMade wood line. I had lots of customers asking about the R7 TP fairway wood but it’s not for everyone. These two new woods are geared towards the average golfer. I think the R7 steel is going to do very well… it is a bit more expensive than other stainless fairway woods but there is enough extra technology in it to justify the higher price.

Watch for a new Callaway Big Bertha golf ball in stores soon. The new Big Bertha ball is kind of a combination of the current Big Bertha Red and Big Bertha Blue. This new ball offers the distance of the Red with the feel of the Blue. I personally think this makes the Big Bertha line even stronger… we get a lot of “What’s the difference between Red and Blue?” questions. Less confusion = more sales if you ask me…

Speaking of Callaway… we’ve had a few questions about the new Fusion irons. These new irons will feature a slightly larger sole and this should make them even easier to hit. I was asking around about these irons today and it sounds like not all the irons will have a thick sole. My Callaway guy says that only the 3-6 iron will have wider soles and the rest of the clubs will be like the current Fusion irons. I’ll do some more digging and see what I can find here.

Nakashima Golf will officially launch their new HTEC driver at the Orlando PGA Show next week. This 460CC club features Interchangeable Hosel Technology… the hosel can actually be removed and replaced. This allows customers to try numerous different shafts with the same head, find which combination works best and then purchase the exact club they have been hitting. Nakashima makes some really good stuff and the HTEC could be the most exciting product the company has ever produced.

A quick note from Innovex Golf… looks like the company has moved into their new World Headquarters and Testing Center in Overland Park, Kansas. Stop by for a visit if you’re in the area!

I think that’s all for now… I have some other really cool news but I’m not allowed to say anything until next week. I’ll pass that on… along with lots more… soon. Thanks for all the email and all the support! We’ll talk to you soon!

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