Cleveland Adds CG11 Black Pearl Wedge

Welcome to the first of two posts for today. I’ve got the day off so you’ll hear from me a couple times! Lucky you. The Orlando PGA Show is this week and it’s like Christmas for us here in the golf business… minus Santa of course. Lots to get to today…

Cleveland Golf has added another wedge to their line… the CG11 Black Pearl is now available. We’ve talked a bit about the CG11 wedges already. Most people know them as the “Cleveland wedge with the cavity”. The Black Pearl finish has been a popular choice for many of my customers… people love the way it looks. Check out the new CG11 Black Pearl on the Cleveland Golf website.

We’ve had a few people asking about when the new TaylorMade R7 460 will be released. Watch for this club next month. I’m pretty excited to see how the 460 does… it should be very forgiving, really easy to hit and the fact that it only has 2 movable weights should make it a bit less confusing for the average golfer. We get lots of questions at my shop about the R7 right now… people are still a bit confused about what the weights do. The information that comes with the driver is really easy to understand but I guess some people just don’t want to read it.

We get a lot of shaft questions so SirPutts and I are going to really try and give our readers more information on shaft companies, shafts and what these shafts can do for you. Watch for lots more shaft information in coming weeks! We’ll start today by talking a bit about the new Bassara series from MRC Composite (Mitsubishi). Many people associate the Mitsubishi name with the popular Diamana shafts and the Bassara is designed to be a complement. The Bassara will be released March and is basically a new mid-priced offering from Mitsubishi. The shaft has had some tour usage already this year and should appeal to the average golfer a bit more than the Diamana does… both in price and in specs. It will be available in three different weights… allowing the shaft to work well in both drivers and fairway woods. The Bassara is a great way for the average golfer to try a Mitsubishi shaft without blowing the bank. We’ll update you as we get more info.

I had a nice chat with the folks at Golfnow the other day. They’ve got a great new system to allow people to snag last minute tee times at various courses. I did some looking around at some of the deals and it’s worth a look.

I’m off to do some running around but I’ll be back to update again. I’ve got more news for you so stay tuned! Thanks for all the email and we’ll talk to you later!

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