John Daly Signs With Maxfli Golf

Pretty nice of SirPuttsAlot to give me a day off huh? I hope you enjoyed his fantasy picks yesterday… it’s something he’ll try to do every week as the season rolls along. The Orlando PGA Show is just hours away and there is all sorts of news to get to.

The internet was filled with “John Daly to Maxfli” rumors last week after John was spotted wearing a Maxfli hat. Daly’s official website is now reporting that he has indeed signed with Maxfli Golf. He will now play the Maxfli Black Max golf ball and TaylorMade clubs. Daly should give TaylorMade/Maxfli a huge boost… and should fill the gap left by the departure of Ian Poulter.

We’ve had a few questions about the Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board shaft so I thought I’d post a bit of information on it. We’ll see the Red Board in stores come February. A lot of you have probably seen the the current Diamana… called the Blue Board. It’s a very high end shaft designed for the better player. You’ll also find a version of the Diamana in some of the TaylorMade TP woods. This is a great shaft but it’s not designed for everyone. The new Red Board is geared towards the player that wants the same technology and performance as the Blue Board but wants a slightly higher trajectory. The Red Board will be available in three different weights as well… 63, 73 and 83 grams. The addition of the Red Board and the Bassara (see my Monday, January 23rd post) give Mitsubishi a really solid line going into 2006!

Adams Golf has announced the signings and re-signings of a number of Champions Tour players. The most notable signing is 2005 money leader Dana Quigley. Adams Golf has really done well on the Champions Tour and they hope that the recent signing of Bubba Dickerson can carry some momentum over to the PGA Tour. Adams Golf also won the wood count at the Champions Tour’s Mastercard Championship.

I really like the new print advertisement from Callaway Golf. You may have seen it already… the ad breaks down all of the company’s clubs into lines. Each line is targeted at a different type of player and all of the clubs (including the new ones) are pictured. Golfers can read about each line, decide which one is best for them and then look at all of the clubs offered. I think customers really get confused some times and I think this type of advertising is perfect for the average golfer. My rep says stores will eventually get banners that will look just like the ad.

That’s all for right now. The next few days should be pretty busy so we should have lots of news for you. Thanks for all the emails and support. SirPutts has been keeping up with the email but we’re having a problem with a few of them. A lot of our responses have been coming back to us. SirPutts seems to have the problem solved so sorry if you haven’t got an answer yet! Talk to you later.

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