Let’s Go To The Mailbag!

Hello everyone! We’ve got more news and notes from Orlando but I thought I’d change it up a bit. We get a lot of email and SirPuttsAlot does an awesome job of responding to it all. I thought I’d take some time to answer some myself… even though SirPuttsAlot has already taken care of it. Let’s dive into the SirShanksAlot mailbag and see what we can find…

We had a reader ask about a set of Wilson Deep Red II Tour irons he saw on Ebay. I haven’t gone over to Ebay to check out what they are going for but these are a really solid set that not many people talk about. I have hit these a few times and really enjoy them. They feature the same technology as the Deep Red II irons… like the Fluid Feel insert… but the overall package is much smaller and cleaner. I like these irons because they look and feel like a “players” club but they are actually quite forgiving. If you’re after a great “players” cavity but are on a tight budget… have a look at these!

We’ve had lots of people writing in to tell us about their club buying experiences. There are two clubs that always seem to come up… the Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods and the Innovex CFD driver. Both these clubs tested really well and we get a lot of positive email about them. These are both worth a look. The Tour Edge is a bit more expensive than other fairway woods but it’s worth the extra money if you ask me. It’s got a pretty decent stock shaft too. The Innovex driver is just flat out long. The folks over at Innovex are great to deal with… I know some of our readers have been in touch with the company and have had their questions answered right away. They also have a really cool Live Person customer service feature on their website.

We also get a lot of email asking us to test component golf clubs. SirPutts and I have talked about this for a while and we’re trying to figure out a way to do it without blowing the bank. Put it this way… if we can find a somewhat economical way to do it… we’ll do it. It’s a bit easier to test the big brand names… our local reps have lots of demos to use and our shops sell most of the popular equipment. We’re going to try and give everyone a bit more information on shafts and hopefully we can carry that over into component clubs too. SirPuttsAlot is rich… maybe he wants to float the website a bit of a loan!

We also had a question about the Aerotech Players Spec iron shafts. We’ll probably do more of a shaft profile on these in the coming weeks but here’s an overview. The construction of these is a bit different… they feature a graphite core with a steel fiber surface. These feature Ascending Mass Technology… they get heavier as they get shorter. They do this to help with consistency and control… the company found that players have a tendency to pull shorter irons when they are shafted with lighter shafts. You get the best of both worlds here… lighter, easier to hit long irons and heavier, easier to control short irons. The Aerotech Players Spec shafts will be available in February.

That’s all for now. I have Monday off so expect to probably see a few posts from me. Keep sending in your emails and keep SirPuttsAlot busy! I’m off to watch the end of the golf!

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