Golf Exercise To Improve Posture

A simple golf exercise to improve your posture is all it takes to see a dramatic improvement in your golf swing consistency and power.  So many golfers have difficulty in maintaining their golf posture throughout their golf swing.  This is critical to your consistency! 

Maintaining your initial posture throughout your swing is a must for solid contact.  When a golfer has weak or tight hamstrings, his/her chances of maintaining this position is nearly impossible.  What you have left is one good swing, then 3 bad ones. 

This will go on throughout the round unless…you improve the golf muscles that will improve this swing fault and limitation.  As the picture shows, here is a simple golf exercise with dumbbells that will improve your hamstring strength and flexibility specific to your golf posture.

Just look at the position I'm in and you'll know it's for golfers.  I am literally moving through the range that is equivalent to your putting posture all the way up to your driver posture.  You can't get anymore golf-specific than that.  All you need to do is:

  • Start in standing position, holding dumbbells in front of legs (or hold golf club behind neck), palms facing toward thighs.
  • Assume golf posture with slightly bent knees and a slight bend at hips.
  • Lower weights by bending at hips to just below normal golf posture.
  • Raise upper body back to original golf posture.
  • Repeat for 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

This is one of dozens of simple in-home golf exercises in Mike Pedersen’s Golf Exercise System Package at!

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