Progessive Acceleration Swing

A common characteristic of higher-handicapper, especially those of you who suffer from a pull slice, is jumping at the ball from the top of the backswing.I see it time and time again on the range, poorer players try to kill the ball and lose their technique in the process. Being too aggressive from the top breaks down the downswing motion and corrupts your wrist release and swing path. Your shoulders rotate early, thrusting the club outside your target line leading to an out to in swing path. To make up for this change in path, your wrists have to un-cock early leading to less lag and a lack of power.

Progessive acceleration golf tips

The first motion from the top should be slow (green) to allow for a proper transition, and then gradually accelerate, culminating at impact (red). This will give your transition time to happen, your path a chance to remain on line and your wrists to maintain the lag you created. Feel as though you’re hitting through the ball with this swing thought, not at it. Combine this with lag, and you’ve got the answer to question of how professionals make their swings look effortless.

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