Cleveland CG Red Iron Review

The CG Red is one of Cleveland’s most recent entries into the iron market. These “Tour Spec” irons are designed for mid to low handicappers and feature some unique technologies.


What The Company Says…


Cleveland introduced 2 new irons designed for 2 totally different markets. The CG Red is designed for the more accomplished player although it features some technologies that make it an option for some higher handicappers.


The most obvious feature has to be the red “Gelback” insert. This piece helps dampen vibration but is designed to still give the golfer feel when the club is struck well.


The CG Red also features MCT (Micro-Cavity Technology). This might sound high-tech but it’s actually pretty basic. Cleveland has taken material out of the top line and redistributed it into other areas of perimeter. This redistribution of weight lowers the center of gravity and helps add some forgiveness.


These irons come stock with Dynamic Gold steel shafts… a staple in today’s market and a good shaft for most low to mid handicappers.


What Our Readers Say…


Most agree that Cleveland missed the mark in terms of styling but they get a lot of high marks in the “feel” department…


These clubs look cheap when you first see them but actually feel quite nice.

I hate the red rubber thing at the back. I passed on these because they look like kids clubs.


Great feel but a very high ball flight. You don’t really notice the red insert from above.


These are a great iron for the price. I am very happy with mine!


Overall Reader Rating – 69%


What Our Customers Say…

The “player’s” cavity market is very competitive right now. These irons are becoming more popular as accomplished players find that they can have the best of both worlds… forgiveness and playability.


The CG Red and CG Gold really stand out on the wall thanks to the bright “Gelback” inserts. These inserts are a bit of a double edged sword with our customers. They do help with vibration dampening but people find them really ugly. We hear two common positives and two common negatives with the CG Red…


Let's start with what people like…


– People love the way these feel. The “GelBack” inserts really mask the bad vibration and give these a solid feel throughout. The CG Red irons don’t feel like a blade but most people are happy with the feedback they get from a well struck shot.


– People also love the forgiveness. It’s not everyday that you hear people raving about the forgiveness of a “player’s” iron. Many people we talk to consider this more of an “in betweener” club because of the forgiveness.


There are two common negatives that we hear a lot…


– The first is fairly obvious. Everyone comments on the “Gelback” inserts and most of these comments are negative. The colors really stand out and the majority of the customers we talk to would prefer a more toned down look. It’s unfortunate but I’ve seen customers go to other irons because they think these inserts look cheap.  


– A lot of better players comment on the ball flight being too high. The Mico-Cavity Technology helps lower the center of gravity… something that most low handicappers don’t want. It’s tough when people try to compare these to a more traditional blade… the ball flights are totally different. 


It’s unfortunate that many players are more concerned with how a club looks than how it performs but the CG Red irons really drive the point home. The CG Red feature solid feel, a good price and decent performance but it’s strange how a small red insert can really change the way people look at a club. The rest of the iron looks nice… the sole and top line are both relatively thin and the reduced offset appeals to the better player. The stock shafts are a great option for the target audience.


The CG Red rate somewhere in the middle when looking at today’s “player’s” cavities. These are worth a look and would even be a good option for a higher handicapper that is a decent ball striker. Have a look at these… get past the colorful inserts and base your decision on their performance instead. 


Overall Customer Rating – 67%


Overall Combined Rating – 68%

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