Hot Gift Ideas For The Golfer – 2005

The freezing cold weather outside can only mean one thing… we need to move really far away to a warm place. Ok… two things. It also means that Christmas is coming and it’s time to find your favorite golfer that special gift. Golf equipment is such a personal thing and it can be really tough to find something that a golfer will like and use. Our shop is starting to get pretty crazy and there are some hot items that are starting to emerge.

First are some of the “gimmicks”… the Visiball Golf Ball Finder Glasses and the Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder come to mind here. These sell really well but I don’t know of many golfers that use them on a regular basis. They’re great for a laugh on Christmas morning but most probably get tucked away in the closet a few days later. You can try these as a stocking stuffer if you like but you can probably spend your money on better things. One “gimmicky” type gift that I really like is the GOLO dice game. This is the kind of game that a golfer can throw in their locker at the course and play during a rain delay. It’s also a fun way to keep golfers in cold weather climates sane during winter. Check out for more details.

A golf shirt is an obvious idea… but it can also be a pretty boring gift. There are lots of really nice golf shirts out there and many people incorporate them into business casual wear. Put it this way… if you want to get your favorite golfer a golf shirt… don’t go too cheap. Find a shirt that has some style… a shirt that the person can wear on and off the course. Look for mercerized (or double-mercerized) pieces. These will be a little softer to the touch and usually look a bit classier. A lot of the more expensive items will also feature some sort of material that wicks moisture and keeps the person cool… a good idea for a quick nine in the heat or a long meeting in the boardroom. I’ve got some personal favorites in this category… you might want to look at the Adidas ClimaLite Mercerized line, the Ashworth Drytec line and the Cutter and Buck Mercerized Pinnacle Polos. There are a lot of other really great shirts out there but be aware about how some of them fit. A company like J. Lindeberg makes some really great stuff but most of their designs cater to the slimmer golfer.

We sell a ton of golf bags at Christmas and it is actually a really good gift. Just make sure you know what type of bag your golfer is after… do they want a bag they can put on a cart or a bag they can carry? I’m starting to see more and more carry bags go out the door. The 3-wheeled cart craze has got many more people taking carts instead of walking. My customers really like bags by Sun Mountain, Ogio and Ping the best. Take some time and look for things like quality construction, useful pockets and dividing systems (14 club dividers have been very popular).

And then there is the 3-wheeled cart. These are flying out the door right now and people just love them. There are a number of companies that have entered this new push cart market but there is really only one that has it figured out. Get a Sun Mountain Speed Cart. Sure they might be a bit more expensive but they are hands down the best carts around.

Golf balls could be the safest bet. Every golfer needs golf balls. All you need to do is figure out what kind of ball your golfer uses. Go dig in their bag or ask one of their regular playing partners. I won’t get into all the ins and outs of golf balls so let’s keep this easy. If your golfer isn’t very good… consider a Pinnacle Gold, Callaway Warbird, Top Flite Long & Soft, Maxfli Noodle or Nike Mojo. If your golfer has some game and takes the game somewhat seriously… try a Titleist NXT, Callaway Big Bertha, Ben Hogan Hawk, Wilson Px3, Bridgestone e5 (or e6) or the Maxfli Red Max. If your golfer is good or you feel like spending some extra money… go for the Titleist Pro V1, Callaway HX Tour, Maxfli Black Max, Bridgestone B330, Nike ONE Series, Ben Hogan Tour Deep or the Srixon Z-UR. Golf balls… the easy gift. Oh ya… we can put actual pictures on golf balls if you like. Send us an email for more details.

A new golf club will make any golfer happy but it’s really tricky to find the right one. Unless your golfer gives you the exact specs of the club that they are after, you’re probably in trouble. Keep it simple… buy a golf club in the price range that you want to be in and then let your golfer take it back after Christmas and get fitted. It’s like a gift certificate minus the gift certificate. I know I’d rather open a big box over an envelope. If you know the exact specs of the club in question… consider yourself lucky. Just get into a golf shop now because the special orders are getting slower by the day.

Enough of the typing today… I’m off to work on my Christmas shopping now. I’m not buying for any golfers this year so all of the information that I’ve just presented doesn’t help me. Now if only someone could fill me in on these Tamagotchi things… sounds like another Tickle Me Elmo if you ask me!

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