A Supplement To Our 2005 Awards

The emails and comments have started to flow in after our 2005 Awards posts on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to all that have emailed us or who have left comments over at We’ve had a few questions about the awards so I thought I’d take some time to answer them for all to see.

First up… a few questions asking why the Ping G2 and/or G5 drivers didn’t make the list. The G5 came out later in the year and we just didn’t have enough feedback from people to include it in the list. Watch for it to be on the list in 2006! As for the G2… you might as well consider the G2 in the Honorable Mention section in both driver categories. We wanted to only have two “Honorable Mentions” in each category. The G2 was in the running here but we used sales from our shops as a tie breaker. The G2 did ok at most places (including mine) but SirPuttsAlot’s shop had different results. The G2 wasn’t a monster seller at his place and our other Honorable Mention drivers did better. The G2 was a great driver and I suggest you have a look at it! Hope this answers the Ping questions.

Next question… where were the Mizuno MX-23 irons? Our testers loved these but they failed to make the list. This one is kind of our fault. When we decided on the awards and the handicap ranges, we didn’t really make a “mid handicap” award. Most of our testers agreed that these were a perfect iron for the mid handicapper… the 10-18 or so range. There were better irons out there for the lower handicap and better choices for the higher handicap. Put it this way… if we had made a “Iron Of The Year – Mid Handicap”… the MX-23’s would have won it hands down.

A question about Bridgestone and why… a) there isn’t any Bridgestone on the list… and b) why we don’t review Bridgestone products. We’d love to review Bridgestone stuff but we live in a part of the world where Bridgestone equipment isn’t available. We can get Bridgestone golf balls but their clubs won’t be available until 2006. We’ve both hit Bridgestone equipment in the past and they make some great stuff… but we can’t get demos for testing. Watch for a lot more Bridgestone news and reviews in 2006! Thanks for the question.

And one more question that a few people asked… what about other golf equipment like golf balls, wedges and putters? We didn’t include these in our awards because we don’t review other equipment. If I was to pick a wedge, ball and putter of the year based on sales at my shop I’d have to pick the Titleist Vokey wedges, Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, and 2-Ball White Steel putters. Cleveland wedge sales were decent (as usual) but my customers found the CG11 wedges a bit odd. TaylorMade is really starting to make some waves in the wedge department but Titleist still wins here. The Pro V1 is the best ball out there for the better player and it sells like crazy. The Bridgestone B330 balls had a very solid season for us too. The Odyssey 2-Ball White Steel putters were popular again and the company was able to keep most models in stock all season.

That’s it for today. Hope everyone has a great day… keep those emails coming! We’ll talk to you soon.

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