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As some of you might notice I don’t get to post a lot on the site these days. SirShanksAlot rules with an iron fist I tell you, until his days off come up and then you can never find him. So now it’s my turn to try and give some updates on all the stuff he has let slip through the cracks. We have some new websites for you to check out and some news on Taylor Made and Titleist drivers.

If you haven’t already checked out Golf Dash you should. They have some well-written articles about the game and a ton of links and information on the site and have just come out with their first newsletter for members. If you sign up as a new member now you will receive a free GolfRound towel.

We received a tip on a new online golf directory from Map Muse. You can vist the Map Muse golf section to find golf courses in your area or areas in the U.S. that you may be travelling to. They have over 18,000 golf courses in their directory and you can search using criteria such as price, slope rating, designer, etc. I think they still have some stuff to add on the site but this is a great resort for any body doing some travelling and wanting to play golf. You can also search for things like hotels and restaurants.

We have some new club news for you as well. TaylorMade had announced a launch date of December 9th for the new R7 425 driver but some production issues have pushed this back. It looks like the drivers should be hitting stores around the 18th of December.

We have talked a little bit about the new Titleist 905R driver that will be hitting stores in spring 2006. The 905R is a larger version of the 905S and 905T models currently available. The 905R uses the same technology but comes in at 460 cc’s. The fellas at Golf WRX now have pictures up of this driver so you might want to check it out if you haven’t already.

And if you are looking for some gifts for a golfer why not check out We have talked about this quite a bit and the website is up now but you can get actual photographs printed onto a golf ball. Prices are very good and there is no minimum order or set-up fee.

Or how about heading over to our online store. This thing is admittedly still a work in progress but the shirts are pretty cheap and who wouldn’t want a shirt with our name on it?

Thanks again for all the recent emails and good luck with your Christmas shopping.

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