Flying Under The Radar – New Products Impress

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We’ve been talking a lot about the square driver trend as of late and have kind of pushed a lot of other really good clubs to the back burner. I thought we’d use tonight to focus a bit on other early season surprises at our shop.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver – This one is getting lost in the square shuffle but deserves some love. The original HiBore got mixed reviews… I don’t think many people were ready for the radical design. The XL almost looks “normal” compared to some of the designs on the market now. This is a solid club at a great price. Customer feedback has been positive so far… it’s not getting as many looks as some of the other drivers out there but those that hit it like it.

Cobra Carbon CB Irons – These are in stealth mode and are flying way under the radar. It seems that the only people that know how good these are are the people that we work with. Better players automatically go straight to the Mizuno or Titleist irons and walk right past these. These are a great option for the better player. They feel good, look good and are actually fairly forgiving. Sure Cobra isn’t a huge name in the “players” category but people shouldn’t be afraid to look outside the box!

Nike Sasquatch 2 Fairway Woods – Yes… there are other Nike clubs besides the SUMO and these ones deliver. Nike has had a pretty decent track record when it comes to fairway woods and these are probably the best of the bunch. I’m interested to see how these do this year… will they be able to hold their own in the shadow of the SUMO craze or will they fall into the background?

Nike Sasquatch Tour Golf Bag – Ok, ok… probably not the most exciting thing to talk about but this one has really caught my eye lately. We’ve got a few in the shop to hold all of our SUMO demos and they are really nice. This bag has a lot of good features and still weighs under 6 lbs. It comes in some cool colors too… I’m a huge fan of the blue one. Ok fine… back to the clubs.

Sonartec t35 Wedge – A great addition to the Sonartec line. I’d put the t35 up against any wedge on the market. A great looking club featuring Yo-Yo Groove technology. Worth a look if you’re in need of a wedge.

Callaway FT-5 Driver – Many of you probably haven’t had the chance to hit this one yet but it seems to be holding it’s own so far. Everyone wants to try the FT-i but most would agree that the FT-5 is the better driver of the two. Consider it a tweaked version of the FT-3… it feels a bit better and goes a bit further. Oh ya… and some left handed fellow won with it over the weekend.

A few other clubs to look at next time you’re in your local shop. We’re gearing up for an early spring (we hope) and are slowly getting the new site together. Thanks for all of the SUMO feedback… we’re going to work it into our review. You’ll probably start seeing reviews toward the end of March. Thanks for dropping by and we’ll talk to you soon!

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