Titleist Golf – What To Expect In 2006

Let’s keep the look ahead at the 2006 golf season going… with a look at what’s to come from Titleist Golf. Titleist could be the most tight lipped company in the whole business and they really don’t like giving us a sneak peak at any new products. They want the public to buy the current products and not worry about items that might be coming down the pipe. It makes sense from a business perspective but it isn’t much fun for us!

The Company

Titleist is kind of the “players clubs”/golf ball wing of the Acushnet company… the parent company of Titleist, Cobra, Footjoy and Pinnacle. They are really good at making clubs for the better player and even better at making quality golf balls. These golf balls are what really float the Titleist boat. The market for clubs that Titleist makes is pretty small and I don’t think their golf clubs will ever rule the roost. 2005 saw Titleist release a very popular combo set. The 735.CM irons were the talk of the internet for most of the year and consumer response has been very positive since their release in the Fall. The current wood line is in need of makeover… most people that I have talked to agree that the 905S and 905T drivers aren’t the best drivers that the company has ever released and the 904F fairway woods aren’t setting any sales records. The Titleist name is still one of the biggest in golf but some solid new products would definitely give the company a much needed shot in the arm.

The Products – What We Know

So what do we know? Not much really. I haven’t heard any concrete answers but it’s safe to assume that certain products are on the way. The Titleist line will be getting a real makeover in 2006 and the internet buzz has already started.

I think the majority of the buzz surrounds the 905R driver. The “R” is basically a bigger version (460CC) of the current driver and should be a popular choice among consumers. The current 905 drivers feel great and I think a slightly bigger version will really appeal to the mid to high handicapper… someone that Titleist has never really targeted a driver towards.

The hybrid line should get a new addition with the release of the 503.U (it may have a different name) utility club. This club should also appeal to a few more people and will be a great complement to the 503.H. This club should be a bit bigger and will look more like many of the other hybrids on the market.

Everyone wants to know about the new Titleist irons and this is what I’ve heard so far. The 735.CM and 704.CB will stay and will be joined by the 660 (a beautiful blade), 695.MB (another great looking blade), 695.CB (a “players” cavity) and the 775.OS (replaces the current 804.OS). These should give Titleist a really strong iron line.

Some other odds and ends… watch for some new bags, the Scotty Cameron Circa 62 putters, a 54 degree spin milled wedge, a new finish in the spin milled wedges and a few new gloves. The golf ball line should remain basically the same… why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Products – What Might Be On The Way

Titleist always has new clubs out on Tour but not all of these come to market. There has been talk of another hybrid club (503.i) coming to retail but I haven’t heard anything in a while.

There have also been a few rumors concerning new golf balls but I really doubt that there will be any new Titleist balls in 2006. The golf ball line is just so solid right now and I don’t know why the company would want to tinker with it. Maybe they should focus on speeding up their Christmas golf ball personalization program instead…

The 2006 Titleist line should be a good one. The company looks to have some great products on the way and people are really talking about what’s to come. Most of these products should arrive at a store near you in March or April. The company really likes the March 1 release date so check out your local shop then. It should be a great year for Titleist.

That’s all for tonight… I’m really tired for some reason. Thanks again for all the emails and all the support. Talk to you tomorrow!

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