Let’s Go To The Mailbag!

Hello everyone… hope you all had a great Halloween! It’s really quiet today so I think we’ll answer a few email and maybe throw in some odds and ends too.

Let’s start with a few emails from our readers. We got lots of email and SirPutts answers all of it personally but I thought I’d dig through the mailbag and find a few to comment on.

– We had a great email a while back from a fellow golf retailer talking about customers looking at equipment that doesn’t fit their game. I see it all the time too. Some customers get too caught up on clubs that the pros play and then try to play similar equipment. If you want to go out and play the same brand as your favorite pro then great… companies pay these pros a lot of money to wear the name and play the stuff. Playing the same equipment as your favorite pro is a totally different thing. It’s important for the average golfer to understand their game and then pick out equipment that will help them. Sure we all want to show up on the first tee with a set of blades, a box of Pro V1’s and a driver with a Fujikura Speeder 757 but it probably won’t do anything for us. The majority of golf equipment is designed for the mid to high handicapper … and for good reason… the majority of golfers fall into this handicap category. We don’t hear about Average Joe Golfer that goes out and shoots 110 with his buddies. It’s not going to make the paper and he’s probably not going to go around and brag about his three digit masterpiece. We hear about the local Club Champion that shoots 69 or the guy that wins a Major. There are WAY more Average Joe Golfers than Club Champions and PGA Pros in the world! Play equipment that makes you better… who cares if your golfing buddies give you a hard time for carrying a 12 degree driver, 4 hybrids and a sleeve of Pinnacle balls. Let them go suffer… and maybe take a bit of money off them at the same time! I think our reader said it best in his email…

“So please be honest with the readers and your customers and tell them to play big oversize cavity backs, and 2 piece balls. It would be a breathe of fresh air.”

Don’t think I could have said it better myself. Thanks for the email!

– We’re getting pretty mixed reviews of the new Nike SQ driver. Most of the emails we get seem to give the club a thumbs down in the looks department and a thumbs up in the performance department. I guess we’ll have to test this one soon and get a review up!

– I got an email a few months back about my Gore-Tex rant and I posted a few other alternatives that I have found. Add one more to the list… the Cleveland StormCore outerwear. My shop got a shipment of this last week and it looks great. The clothing is all really lightweight and people seem to like it. Check it out on the Cleveland Golf website.

– We still get some email about the pictures on golf ball guys. We’re helping them with a website and are taking online orders for them. These make a great gift and there are no minimum orders and set up fees. Send us an email for more info!

– We got an email from a reader that is setting up a website dedicated to golf communities. He has just launched the site but is hoping to add new information soon. I went and checked it out… lots of information for anyone that is looking to live on a golf course! Check out Golf Home Connect for more details. Now if only SirPutts and I could afford to live on a golf course…

– Also got an email from another golf blog that has just got going. Golf Times looks to have some good info and great writing. Good luck with the new site! It’s lots of work but it can be a lot of fun too!

Ok… let’s add some odds and ends too…

– Watch for a new MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 driver and UT hybrid in 2006. We’ll see if we can get some more info and pictures and we’ll be sure to pass them on!

– The TaylorMade R7 steel fairway wood is starting get some use on the PGA Tour. Watch for this club in 2006.

– UST has released a very interesting putter shaft. The Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft is designed to give golfers the most feel possible while putting. This new shaft features a steel tip and graphite butt section. It’s already had a win on the PGA Tour too. Check out the UST website for more details.

That’s all for today. Thanks for all the emails. We’ve had some good ones lately and SirPutts has been very busy answering them. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon!

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