Wanted: Golf Jobs In A Warm Climate – Will Relocate

Don’t you just hate the first really cold day of the fall? I do. Nothing gets me thinking about golf more than a wind chill and my winter coat! Just a few odds and ends for you today so let’s get to it!

I saw some of the new Dunlop stuff today. I like Dunlop… it’s great price point stuff and my customers seem to like it. I’m not really sold on their higher end equipment but that’s not really the market that they are targeting anyways. First up is the LoCo Dart driver. This 442CC (a bit of a strange number) head is a combination of a titanium body and a composite crown. Now here’s the kicker… it features 4 removable weights! Yes… you heard it right… a driver with removable weights! This is unheardof! Oh wait… nevermind. The LoCo Dart features two brass weight screws and two aluminium weight screws that can be moved to alter how the club works. The club looks similar to the current LoCo Pro driver and should sell pretty well. The second club I saw was the composite crowned Dart hybrid. It also features removable weights (only two) and it looks like it will be available by itself and in a combo set with some cavity backed irons. If you or someone that you know is in the market for decent equipment at a good price, be sure to check out some of the stuff from Dunlop!

Police in Thailand have made some more arrests in their ongoing effort to thwart counterfeit golf equipment. Six major manufacturers have banded together to stop counterfeit production and have made numerous arrests over the past few months. I don’t think this problem will ever be totally solved but it’s nice to see that some progress is being made. Police seized over 6500 clubs and golf balls from a retail store and a warehouse. We are starting to see more and more fake equipment at my shop. Anytime someone walks in and starts a sentence with… “I bought these clubs in China and..” I cringe. It’s really easy to find this stuff in Asia and I don’t really know if I feel bad for the people that buy it. Like seriously… if it’s too good to be true… it probably is. I even had a guy over the summer bring in a set of “Big Bertha” irons to get fitted. These things were fake and it was pretty obvious. Turns out that he had bid on them at a charity auction! Wow… now that sucks!

Looks like Chad Campbell is close to signing an equipment deal with Nike Golf. Campbell has been without an equipment contract for the whole year and Nike seemed to be one of the frontrunners to land his services. A good signing for Nike.

A few emails asking for reviews of the new Ping irons and woods. We’re working on these right now and are trying to finish up a few more before it gets too cold. Did I mention that we are looking for a warmer climate?

I think that’s all today… I’m visiting my parents so I should probably continue with the “visiting” portion of the trip. Thanks to all that emailed us today… you kept SirPutts pretty busy! Also a big congrats to the guys over at Golfwrx. I was just reviewing their site stats and membership numbers and they are doing a great job! I try to get over there at least once a night and the membership is great. Stop by if you haven’t already. They’ve also set up a chat area where they host live chats with various golf industry people… and rumor has it that they might sink low enough to have SirPutts and I on! Speaking of Golfwrx… some of the folks there have started to compile pictures to go along with my “Spookiest Clubs” post. Wow… some scary stuff there… don’t view it alone! Ok, ok, I’m blabbing now… I’m out!

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