Hidden Treasures In The Used Club Bin

Hello again and thanks for checking us out today. We have been talking lots lately about some of the best golf club deals on the market and the idea of buying used clubs has come up a few times. Used clubs are a great way for golfers to try name brand equipment at a reduced price. Not everyone has the resources to go out and drop big money on a new driver every year. Used clubs can be tricky though… for every hidden treasure there is bound to be five crappy clubs. Some clubs are in the used bin for a reason… no one wants them. Others get tossed in because their previous owner just had to have the new toy. We thought we’d help narrow your next used club search a bit by compiling a list of some of the hidden treasures of the used club bin. These are all great clubs that most golfers can find for a fraction of the original price.

1. Titleist DCI 962 and 962B irons – Many people believe that these are the best Titleist irons ever made and I agree. They are both designed for the better player and they helped start the movement towards “player’s cavities”. These sold really well for Titleist back in the day and many better players pick them up as second sets. Worth a look!

2. Callaway X-14 and X-14 Pro Series irons – Think the new X-Tour is a good iron? You might want to try the X-14 Pro Series. These have been a favorite of the better player for years and feature a great combination of feel and forgiveness. Not good enough for a reduced offset iron? No problem. Track down a set of X-14 irons. These could be the best Callaway irons ever.

3. Maxfli Revolution irons – These came in two different versions… the Black and the Red. The Red versions were a bit bigger and featured more offset. Both irons look and feel great. Be careful with these though… they chip pretty easy because they are so soft. Make sure you check the full set before buying!

4. Cleveland Quadpro fairway woods – Sure they look a bit different but they work. These were probably the longest fairway woods of their time and would give today’s fairway woods a run for their money. Really easy to hit off the turf too!

5. TaylorMade 200 Series fairway woods – These still show up on Tour now and again. The TaylorMade 200 Series fairway woods are a perfect combination of feel and performance. I could sell a ton of these if they were still available.

6. Callaway Steelhead fairway woods – Like the Big Bertha fairway woods but don’t want to spend the money? Look around for Steelhead woods instead. The technology is basically the same and they make a great fairway wood for golfers of all levels.

7. Titleist 983K driver – Sure it’s still a fairly new club but these seem to be popping up all over the place at great prices. I guess everyone wants to move up to the bigger 905S and 905T drivers. This club is perfect for someone that wants a great feeling driver but doesn’t want the extra bulk of a huge head. You might even be able to find some new ones around if you look a bit.

8. Anything From Ping – Ping makes good golf equipment and a lot of the older clubs end up in the used bin. Be on the lookout for Ping irons and putters (I’d stay away from most of their older woods unless you are a collector). The Eye 2 irons are one of the best irons ever made… period.

9. Tommy Armour 845 SilverScot irons – These are great irons. It seems like Tommy Armour has rereleased these like 100 times but the original verison can be found for next to nothing. Very forgiving for their size.

10. Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II irons – A great looking forged iron for the better player. Mizuno’s quality forging at a reduced price… what could be better than that? Not the most forgiving irons in the world but a quality golf club nonetheless.

And a few more… TaylorMade R500 Series Drivers, Callaway Warbird woods, Wilson Staff RM Midsize irons.

So there you are… keep your eyes open for these! There are lots and lots of quality used clubs available and it would take days to list them all but these are some of our favorites. A quick note on what to stay away from. Try to avoid clubs that feature “fad technologies”. Things like Fat Shafts, Hump shafts and Bubble Shafts. It’s getting really tough to fix clubs like these if they break. Manufacturers will stock older shafts for repairs but eventually they run out and it makes fixing broken shafts almost impossible. Also be on the lookout for fake clubs. These enter the market on a daily basis and some people bring them over from Asia, use them for a bit and then try to trade them off as originals. Don’t be fooled! Have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon.

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