Wow… A Slow Day In The Golf Business!

Hello all and thanks for stopping by. There really isn’t anything of note going on right now so I think I’ll throw some odds and ends together for today’s post.

Man is Titleist ever tight-lipped. Every time I see my Titleist rep I ask him about the new products coming out in March and he pretends not to know anything. I can see their side of things though… they don’t want word of new products getting out too early because it would totally kill sales of their current equipment. We’re slowly getting an idea of what is coming… a new hybrid, some new irons and a new driver. We get lots of questions about the 905R so I’ll tell you all that I know. The 905R is a bigger version of the current 905 driver and should come in at 460CC. The majority of the current technology will remain… the pear-shaped design, sole design, aluminium hosel and the majority of the current shaft options will carry through to the 905R. This driver is starting to get some serious play on Tour and should be available March 1.

We just got our first shipment of the TaylorMade R7 XD irons in and they are starting to grow on me. There are a few things that I really like about these irons. I really like the price postioning used here. TaylorMade is giving the average golfer one more option by positioning the R7 XD between the OS and the new R7 CGB Max. It’s nice to be able to offer a golfer a quality iron like the OS at a good price but it’s sometimes tricky to upgrade from there. In the past if a golfer wanted a bit more technology they had to jump all the way up to the original CGB. The CGB was a decent iron but not many golfers were willing to drop the extra cash to upgrade. The R7 XD gives the golfer a chance to get a bit more technology (titanium face and Inverted Cone Technology) by only spending a bit more money. Still want more technology? That’s where the CGB comes in. The second thing I really like about the R7 XD irons is their overall look. They are about the same size as the OS. I’m starting to see a small backlash against the bulky irons. People want forgiveness but don’t want the extra sole and cavity bulk associated with this forgiveness. The titanium face allows for more perimeter weighting without making the cavity extremely deep. The weight cartridge makes the sole heavy without adding bulk. We’ll have a review of these new TaylorMade irons in a few weeks… we need to get more people hitting them first.

We got our first Sun Mountain Speed E Cart in today. This has been out for a while but we had stayed away from it until now. It’s actually not a bad cart and looks a lot better than most battery powered carts. My only beef is that they decided to not offer a remote control. Check it out though… it hardly makes a sound and still folds up small like the Speed Cart.

The Cleveland CG11 wedges have been a big disappointment at my place so far. Most customers are having a tough time wrapping their heads around the whole cavity idea. The wedge feels great but the cavity might be enough to keep this from becoming a really hot item. A club can feel amazing but if it’s looks keep it from getting picked off the rack… who cares?

That’s all for today. Thanks to all that have written and come by to check us out. A bigger thanks to all of those who have or are currently serving our country in the armed forces. Tomorrow is a day set aside for remembering all those who have lost their lives fighting for everything that we have now. Thanks and have a great day!

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