New TaylorMade Drivers Coming Soon?

Hello all and thanks for stopping by. Some interesting odds and ends in the golf world today so I thought I’d run through some of them. We’ve also had a lot of email lately so maybe I’ll throw a few of those in too!

Ok, ok… I’m sure the title of this post has caught your eye. Now we all know that there will be a couple of new versions of the TaylorMade R7 driver on the way and we have all been told that they should be available early in 2006. You might just happen to see an announcement from TaylorMade in the next couple of weeks announcing that these drivers will be coming to market earlier than expected. There has been a lot of hype around these new drivers and for good reason… TaylorMade has been making some pretty good stuff as of late. There is also a new R7 website up but it is more of a teaser than anything. We’ll keep you updated as we get more information!

Speaking of TaylorMade… the current R7 and R5 drivers have started to take a bit of a dive in price. So the current models have dropped in price and TaylorMade is expected to make an announcement concerning the new R7 drivers in the near future… you do the math!

The new MacGregor Bobby Grace “Fat Lady Swings” putter is up on the Edwin Watts website. Looks like an interesting one. Thanks to a reader for pointing it out and we’re on the case to get some more info for you! Bobby Grace always has the cool names too…

Looks like Phil Mickelson is suing shaft maker Graphite Design over the use of his initials in naming a couple of shafts designed for… him. The shafts in question are the PM-702 and PM-902 that were developed for Mickelson. Phil doesn’t have an endorsement deal with Graphite Design and doesn’t like that some of their ads may lead customers to believe that he endorses the shafts.

We’ve had a few emails from readers that have hit the new Tour Edge Exotics driver and everyone seems to really like it. Our testers really enjoyed the Exotics fairway woods and I have a gut feeling the driver will get the same type of response. Watch for a review in the near future!

There has been some talk lately over on Golfwrx about the Stulz Nano Arrow shaft. The Arrow shaft is tri-edged… meaning that it is triangular in shape. Stulz says that the new design allows for more energy transfer. I’m looking forward to seeing one of these in person! Check out the Stulz website for more details.

I think that will do it for today. I have a huge plate of pasta in front of me that probably won’t finish itself so I should get down to eating it! Thanks again for all your emails and support! Today has been one of our busiest days ever and all the support makes it so much easier to sit down and write something after a long day at work!

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