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Every now and again I like to gather up some of the rumors I hear and pass them on to our readers. Rumors are fun… they may not all be true but they always give us something to talk about! Are they true? Are they fiction? I don’t know… that’s why they’re called rumors!

Tiger Woods has been testing hybrid clubs and may add one to his bag in the near future

Tiger doesn’t change equipment very often but it looks like he has been testing a few hybrids lately and I wouldn’t be surpirsed if he had a modified Nike Slingshot hybrid in his bag in the near future.

The new TaylorMade R7 drivers may be out sooner than expected

I posted this yesterday. We talked about these new drivers way back in September while we were at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas and we may hear an announcement after Thanksgiving concerning a new release date for these clubs. Could we see the new R7’s prior to Christmas? I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question…

Nickent Golf is on the prowl for PGA staff players

Looks like Nickent may be looking to sign a few PGA players to endorsement deals. The company has one of the hottest hybrids on the market and hopes they can lure a few players to play their stuff. I don’t think they will be in the market for a huge “Top 10″ golfer but I think they can land a few pretty big names if the price is right.

John Daly will sign with Cobra Golf

Why won’t this one go away? John would be a perfect fit with Cobra but I’m wondering if he would have some mixed feelings leaving Dunlop… a company that gave him a chance when others wouldn’t. He’s played pretty well since signing with Dunlop and has really helped the company sell products! I personally think this will happen… but I’m also the guy that thought Nike would buy Callaway in 2005…

A new Callaway X-Tour wedge and Callaway X-Tour Pro Series irons are coming to market

I guess the X Tour wedge isn’t really anything new over at Golfwrx but I’ve been doing some asking around about both these clubs and Callaway says they don’t have any plans to release either in the near future. I think they are pretty happy with the current X-Tour irons and Callaway Forged + wedges.

There you go… a few golf rumors to have some fun with. I should start keeping track of all the rumors I hear and see how many actually come true. You hear some real dandies working at a golf shop and some of them are just too stupid to write. Maybe I’ll make a list of those someday and you can all have a good laugh!

We’ve been talking a lot about the “pictures on golf balls guys” and their website is finally up. It’s really basic and I’ll be doing some major work on it in the next week or so but it does have some good pictures of what they can do on golf balls. We sell tons of these at my shop and they should do very well at Christmas. Best of all… there are no minimums or set up fees… you can order one box if you want. Check out the Graphics Fore Balls website ( but sorry about the mess… we’re working on making it a little easier on the eyes! Thanks for all the email and all the support and we’ll talk to you real soon.

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