Alias Footwear Brings New Style To The Course

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I was doing some digging through one of my bags from the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas and came across some of the information I gathered from the Alias Footwear booth. SirPuttsAlot and I stopped by the booth back in September and we really liked what we saw. We also had a chance to speak with Dale Morrow… the President of Alias Footwear and the guy that designs all of the cool products.

It’s a lot more interesting when you can actually talk to someone that designs products. You can usually find out little odds and ends that you wouldn’t learn if you just talked to a rep or salesperson. You find out why the product is designed the way it is and what inspired the designer when creating the product. The Alias Footwear designs are based on skateboard shoes. We get lots of requests at my shop for shoes that are a bit different… something that resembles your “everyday” shoe. Companies are slowly starting to design shoes to fill the demand but it is rare to see a company exclusively design shoes for this market. People love when they can take off their street shoes and slide into golf shoes that feel the same. Alias prides themselves on making shoes that require no break-in period. Their styles fit fairly wide and feature lots of toe room. All styles are unisex… ladies simply jump a couple of sizes to find the pair that fits them. This idea really appeals to a retailer like myself because it makes ordering stock easier. There are currently 3 different styles with more on the way. Watch for a waterproof style next fall and a lady-specific in the spring. Their shoes are available through various retailers and check out for more details.

A few other notes before I head off to bed… I’m battling a pretty serious cold so sleep would be very nice!

We should have some more info on the new MacGregor “Fat Lady Swings” putter soon. It has already made it’s way onto the Edwin Watts website and we’ve had a few emails about it already.

Our 2005 Golf Company of the Year has announced that they will now accept trade in’s. Innovex Golf will take your used clubs and put them towards the purchase of new equipment. Callaway Golf has a similar program that has done pretty well… these programs are a great way to get rid of the old and bring in the new!

I saw all the new Callaway footwear today. This line is really starting to grow and they have added some nice new styles. The majorty of their styles are fairly traditional but are worth a serious look. We sell the Callaway shoes at my shop and they do pretty well. The XWT fitting system is kind of neat… it gives golfers the ability to customize their fit.

That’s all for today. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and checking us out. I’ll update tomorrow if we get some more info on the Fat Lady Swings putter. Have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon.

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