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Yes… we have more from the show. We get lots of email and questions concerning Tour Edge Golf. The company had a booth at the Las Vegas Expo so we thought we’d stop in and see what is coming from these guys…

Exotics Driver – We’ve reviewed the Exotics fairway wood and iron and I think it’s safe to say that Tour Edge has a pretty solid line with the Exotics equipment. The Exotics driver has been talked about for a while now and we finally got our first “live” look at it. The 460CC driver is actually a combination of three different titanium make-ups… a SP700 Beta Ti face, a 15-3-3-3 Beta Ti crown and 6A4V titanium body. The Beta Ti crown is only 0.4 millimeters thick weighs less than most graphite crowns. This allows for more weight to be placed on the sole. Tour Edge also saves weight through their use of weld-free technology… welds add weight. The driver also features two weight screws in the heel. These tungsten screws weigh 6 grams each and are located in the heel of the driver. These create a higher moment of inertia (MOI) and help the club stay square on off-center hits. And no… these weights don’t come out. There will be three standard graphite shafts for this club… the Graphite Design YS Exotics, the Aldila NV-Exotics 65 and the Fujikura High Launch 55. If this driver is even half as good as the Exotics fairway, I’d say they have a winner here.

QL (Quick Launch) Series – These are a definite step down from the Exotics line but they should give the company a solid footing in a lower price point. The 455CC titanium driver and matching hyper-steel fairway woods both have weight screws in the sole that aid in delivering a fade bias. Both the driver and fairway will be available in offset models too. The QL irons are you standard heavy-soled, deep cavity iron. These irons can be interchanged with the Bazooka Iron-Wood to allow golfers to customize thier set.

JMAX Tour Iron-Wood – The Tour Iron-Wood is basically a spin-off of the current Iron-Wood line. As the name suggests… the Tour Iron-Woods are for the better player. The clubs feature a smaller, thinner profile and reduced offset… if there was such thing as a “traditional hybrid”… these would be it. The Tour Iron-Wood has been around for most of the year but the company will now offer it in complete sets (1-LW)… making it one of the first full hybrid sets geared for the better player.

Hovercraft Putters – Tour Edge was pushing these putters at the show. Neither of our shops have carried the Hovercraft so it was the first time either of us had seen it. The Hovercraft is the company’s entry into the MOI putter game… the rails on the bottom were a bit different. To each his own I guess.

A quick and painless (I hope) rundown on Tour Edge and what we’ll see from them. They are a solid company with some good equipment. I think they just need to get their clubs into the hands of the buying public. Thanks for all the email and support… and we’ll talk to you real soon.

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