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So I was all set to write more on the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas… until I started to get some really strange questions at work. I mean… really strange questions. I had a guy ask to go on the waiting list for the new TaylorMade Golf ball…. what? Or the guy that demanded the new Titleist 460CC driver… and then told me I didn’t know what I was talking about when I said that it wasn’t available. When I start getting strange questions at work I get into rumor mode… and a SirShanksAlot Rumor Central can’t be far behind! Are these rumors true? Are they false? I don’t know… that’s why they’re called rumors. All I know is that they are always fun and they give the folks over at some good ammo for discussion!

TaylorMade is currently working on a golf ball and it will be released in 2006

It would make sense if TaylorMade got back into the golf ball business some day but I don’t think that day is anytime soon. They have the Maxfli brand already and are planning on really pushing the Black Max on Tour next year but there is no word on any sort of TaylorMade golf ball. Do I think it will happen in the next few years? Yes… but that’s only a guess! I wonder if I should still put that guy on the waiting list?

Jim Furyk will sign with Srixon Golf next year

This one looks like a lock. My Srixon rep has said pretty much everything but “We have signed Jim Furyk”. He has hinted at this for a while and it should be a good signing for Srixon. Look for a formal announcement early in 2006.

TaylorMade will bring composite technology to North America

No. TaylorMade has no interest in composite technology and feel they can achieve the same results with a thin titanium crown. Cleveland and Tour Edge are also following the TaylorMade lead here… and a lot of industry people I talk to figure the whole composite head thing only has a few more years to live.

Cleveland will debut their own “Fly Free” program similar to the current TaylorMade promo

That’s the word on the street. My rep mentioned it the other day and is waiting for more details. I’ll let you know what I can find here. There has been a lot of interest in the TaylorMade promo at my shop.

Top Flite will focus more on golf balls, bags and accessories in 2006

My rep says that the company will focus less on clubs and more on the other stuff in 2006. Let’s face it… Top Flite is a golf ball company. Why not let them focus on their strengths? It will be all about price point for Top Flite… which means fewer high end golf balls too. Sounds like the Strata line may be out.

Yonex will release a new hybrid club with a composite crown

I don’t have an exact release date on this one but it sounds like this one is a lock. Yonex has a lot of experience with composite technology and if there is anyone that can make a solid composite hybrid… it would be them.

Cobra will have a small stable of PGA Tour players next year

It’s been a while since Cobra had any sort of Tour presence but it looks like that is about to change. 2006 should be a big year for Cobra and watch for them to sign a few players to play their equipment. I wouldn’t expect them to land a huge name though… I’ve heard Jerry Kelly but we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Callaway X Tour driving iron and Fusion hybrid will be coming to retail

Let’s look at the X Tour driving iron first… and the answer is no. We asked Callaway Golf last week and there are no plans to ever release this club. It got a bit of play on Tour but why would the average customer want it when there are so many other hybrids on the market? As for the Fusion hybrid… it sounds like this might be a club we see in the future. I’d love to tell you all about it but I won’t lie… I’ve got nothing! Haha… at least I’m honest!

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There you go… a few things to ponder. We hear all sorts of wild rumors every day and it’s fun to investigate and see if there is actually any truth to them. We’ll get back to the PGA Expo news and golf club reviews tomorrow. Thanks for all the email and all the support!

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