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Wow, this has been a busy couple of months for Nike with new product launches, some tour wins, and a soon to be announced endorsement deal with professional golfer Michelle Wie! We have some more news to report on Nike, some from the PGA show and some from other reliable sources.

Might as well start with the clubs everyone is dying to try – the Sasquatch. I finally got a chance to see these for the first time at the Vegas show and its safe to say I was surprised. The Sasquatch is a very different looking golf club. The driver is pushed right to the size limit, Nike has actually taken advantage of the 10 cc measurement grey area to make this driver close to 470 cc’s. It is about as big as you can get. The head is also much shallower than the Ignite driver. The thing that was probably most odd were the cosmetics. The crown of the club is a really deep blue color but then there is this beige band around the back of the head. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of the band is but it really shows how long the driver is from face to back. The driver and fairway woods both set up quite nice and look really forgiving but we weren’t able to actually hit them.

I didn’t see any of the SQ Tour drivers there but I have heard that this driver has a much deeper face, is shorter from face to back, and doesn’t have the different color power band. It will be interesting to see how the consumers react to these clubs, the Nike Ignite was an awesome driver but this one is just so different looking. I am excited to see how it does.

I have heard an update on the Slingshot hybrid that is in the works. This club apparently won’t be available until Spring 2006 so we’ll have to wait a little longer.

While we are talking about the Slingshot if you go to you can see the new Slingshot Tour irons. These look interesting as well. They are a more classic looking iron but they still have the floating power bar in the back. These should be a late fall release.

Nike is also rumoured to be working on a composite crown hybrid club. This rumour strikes me as odd because Nike has basically said they won’t release a composite driver in North America but now they are working on a hybrid. Don’t expect this one until at least spring if it ever hits the market.

We should also be seeing some new putters from Nike Golf. It sounds like the models will be basically the same as what is out right now but they will be changing to a different insert which is black.

One more thing from Nike Golf and the Tiger Woods Collection; a reliable source has told me that the Tiger Woods line of clothing is about to get more colorful. Apparently we can expect some white pants as well as green pants and some brighter shirts. All I can say is it’s about time!

And finally a tidbit that has absolutely nothing to do with Nike. For all of our friends in Canada, Bridgestone will be announcing this fall that finally their golf clubs will be available north of the 49th.

And lastly before I go, I’m not really a fan of Chicago but it’s nice to see Boston down two games to none. GO WHITE SOX GO! Still pulling for the Cards to go all the way though.

SirShanksAlot Adds… For more information on how to jump on the bandwagon of a winning sports team, please email SirPuttsAlot… just kidding.

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