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So my San Diego Chargers finally make it on Monday Night Football and they lose in the last few seconds. Oh well… they didn’t play that well anyways. I’m just worried about them not making the playoffs now. Oh wait… this is a golf website isn’t it? I guess we should talk some golf. We get lots of email and I thought I would post some answers to the most asked questions… not because we don’t want you to email us but because I’m sure there are others out there with the same questions.

We get lots of questions about the new 460CC Titleist driver. I’ve heard from a few different people that we should see the 460CC Titleist 905R in the spring.. probably March or so. Watch for the new 503U utility club at the same time too.

We get lots of questions about the website for the guys that put photographs on golf balls. The site is done and should be up this week. I’d give you the address right now but they’re testing the new site on there. They also just ordered a machine that can make custom boxes and sleeves too… these are going to make great gifts! The best thing is that they have no minimums and no set up fees. We’ll keep you updated.

We get requests for lots of golf club reviews. We’re working on a bunch of them right now but I thought I could give everyone a preview of what to expect…

– Titleist 735CM – Our testers loved these and most say they are the best irons Titleist has ever made. A few comments on them not being as soft as other forged clubs but they will rate pretty high.

– Mizuno MX-900 – These are a real sleeper. Expensive but solid. Testers have liked them so far and they should do well too.

– Mizuno MP-60 – These things are the real deal. Probably the best forged iron of the year.

– Innovex CFD – This is one long driver! Clean look, good feel and lots of forgiveness.

– Ping G5 line – Great stuff but what makes it any different than the G2?

Watch for full reviews soon. While we’re on the topic of reviews… we get lots of email asking for reviews of clubs from component companies (KZG and Wishon are the most asked about). We have no problem reviewing clubs like these… they are great products and it’s tough to find good reviews of them. We’re just trying to figure out a way to somehow “standardize” the testing. We have considered using one shaft in all the various heads to keep the reviews a bit more consistent. We’ll give it some more thought and will work hard to get some reviews done.

We have had a few questions asking about the new Cleveland woods. I had a chance to hit a few of them the other day and they feel really close to the current ones. The current Launcher woods are on closeout and are dirt cheap… I’d be running out and buying them if you want Cleveland woods. Save your money and pass on the new ones… the looks have changed but the quality and performance is the same.

That’s all for now. SirPuttsAlot might have something to add in the morning but I think I’m off to bed. You might remember the PeakVision eyewear that we talked about over the summer. I had a chance to try them out again over the weekend and they worked great. SirPutts has been hogging our glasses lately but I managed to sneak a pair away from him. If you’re in need of some golfing glasses make sure you check out PeakVision Sports first! Thanks for all the emails and all the kind words.

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