New Cobra Driver

Thanks to one of our good readers for tipping us off that the new Cobra driver is now up on their website The new Cobra Speed Series drivers will be released in November which is several months earlier than we expected but you just never know when it comes to Acushnet.

Anyways, the Speed Series has four different models for distinct types of players; the X/Speed is designed for players with exceptionally high clubhead and ball speeds and sits square at address. The F/Speed is for players with average or above average clubhead speeds and sets up slightly closed. The M/Speed is an offset head and is designed for players with slow or average clubhead speeds. There is also an XX/Speed long drive model. All heads are 460 cc’s and they have the largest clubface of any 460 cc driver on the market.

Each head has a shaft and grip designed specifically to optimize performance for its target golfers. These drivers are pretty sleek looking and a redesigned crown and sole move the center of gravity lower and deeper in the head.

One thing that is a little surprising is that these drivers won’t be cheap. It appears Cobra is moving away from its price point advantage because this driver has a MSRP of $370 US. Watch for some good deals coming up on the SZ 460 drivers now as Cobra moves to start clearing these out.

A little while back we made mention of a putter company called Guerin Rife. You may have seen their ads on the Golf Channel touting their Two Bar putter. All of their putters have RollGroove technology, helping to reduce skidding and put a better roll on the ball. Well it seems that Guerin Rife is making big splashes in professional golf as well. You may have noticed Tjaart van der Walt using one a little while back in his second place finish at The Buick Championship, losing to Brad Faxon in a playoff. You may also have noticed Dana Quigley using several different models during his incredible season. These putters have been put into play on many professional tours by many different players. Check out their website to see some of their conventional and some not-so-conventional designs.

As our golf season winds down SirShanksAlot and I have a ton of behind the scenes work to do on the website so we will do our best to answer emails quickly and get our posts up on a regular basis but forgive us if we are a little bit slower than usual. Thanks, and talk to you soon.

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