Buying Irons On A Budget

Hope everyone had a great day and thanks for stopping by. Yesterday’s post was all about some of the best drivers for the price. I thought we’d continue today and talk a bit about irons. There are so many great deals to be had out there right now so let’s have a look at the some of the best iron sets for under $500.00…

1. Cleveland TA6 – This might be one of the most underrated irons around. The TA6 is designed for the mid to high handicapper but I have sold a few sets to some better players. These clubs get the ball in the air and are very forgiving. Cleveland had a promo where you got a free stand bag with purchase. I don’t remember if it’s still on but check with your local shop and see.

2. Callaway X-16 – I don’t think these will ever be accused of being the best looking irons around but they work. Easy to hit and very forgiving, the X-16’s are still available with some custom options. The difference between the X-16 and X-18? Not enough to warrant the higher price. You can look at the Hogan BH-5 (basically a repackaged X-12) if you want but I’d take the X-16’s instead.

3. Nike NDS – These were designed to be Nike’s “value” offering but I know lots of better players that really enjoy them. The NDS are a decent looking game improvement club that are very easy to hit. The progressive notch weighting adds forgiveness on the longer irons and control on the shorter irons.

4. Tour Edge J-Max Combo – This set combines easy to hit hybrids (#3,4) with forgiving irons (5-PW). Tour Edge stuff is really catching on… it is quality equipment at a good price. Feel free to mix and match hybrids and irons… Tour Edge will let you custom build a set to meet your needs.

5. Cobra 3100 I/H – I really like this iron and so do my customers. Cobra has game improvement figured out. A great iron for the mid to high handicapper and as far as I know… it’s still in the line for next year!

6. Wilson Di5 – Wilson continues it’s return to greatness. The Di5 is a fairly traditional looking game improvement club that is easy to hit AND forgiving AND priced well below the $500.00 mark AND Wilson will even throw in a free Levitator golf bag. Sounds like a deal to me.

7. Dunlop LoCo Hybrid – Ok… I know this one is even cheaper than all of the other irons in the list but let’s show Dunlop some love. My customers love this set. It’s a really inexpensive iron set designed for the mid to high handicapper. It features 3 hybrid clubs and some really soild cavity backed irons. Do they compare to the rest of the irons in this list? No. Is it a good option for a beginner or someone that is on a tight budget? Yep.

There are lots of good irons out there right now so it’s best to look around a bit and demo some. It is deal time in the golf business so there are bargins to be had if you know what you’re looking for. Happy hunting! Thanks for all the emails and support. Talk to you later…

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