New Wilson Products Look Promising

I don’t want to jump the gun and say that Wilson Golf is back… but their new equipment looks pretty good. We had a chance to see some of the new Wilson stuff at the PGA Show in Las Vegas and now the Wilson website has been updated for all to see.

The irons look great. Both the Fi5 and Pi5 will return and will give the better player a few options to choose from. You can check our reviews of these for more information. Next up are the Ci6 and Di6. We saw the Ci6’s at the show and they reminded me a lot of the Wilson irons of old. It is great looking iron directed at the mid handicapper… easy to hit but not big and bulky. The Di6 is the next generation in the Distance Iron family. It combines the technology of the Di5 with a more traditional look. Wilson has a winner here.

There will also be some new Wilson woods in 2006. First up is the Pd6 driver… a 410CC driver designed for the better player. The first thing you notice here are the two weights in the sole. These types of weights are becoming pretty common these days and Wilson has moved them more towards the middle of the sole to lower the ball flight a bit… something that many better players want. It also comes stock with an Aldila NV-PL 65 shaft. Nice to see a company making a driver that isn’t 460CC! The Dd6 driver is designed for the masses. This 460CC club features weights towards the back to increase launch angle. I’m very curious to see how this driver will stack up against some of the more popular game improvement drivers.

I think the club that I am most eager to hit is the Pf6 fairway wood. I won’t lie… I wasn’t a huge fan of the Wilson fairway woods this year but this one looks promising. Looks like Wilson will carry over the whole sole weights idea into the fairway woods too. The Pf6 is designed for the lower handicap and the mid-sole weighting should keep the ball down a bit. There will also be a Df6 fairway to accompany the Dd6 driver.

I also like the look of the Dh6 hybrid… it’s a lot better looking than the current hybrid. I also like the 8862 putter… reminds me a lot of the old 8802!

We’ll have reviews of all the new Wilson equipment once it becomes available and will pass along new info as we get it. It looks like Wilson has made some huge strides in the right direction with these new products but we won’t know for sure until the public can hit them! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the email and we’ll talk to you later…

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