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I think that most consumers have a misunderstanding about golf club retailers. Sure we get excited when new equipment arrives and most of us could sit and talk your ear off for hours about the new Nike SQ drivers or the Odyssey Tri-Ball putter. But in truth most of our sales and margins come from the low to mid range club sets. While these clubs are the moneymakers they can also be some of our toughest sales to pull off.

Most people shopping for these types of sets aren’t serious golfers. They are either new to the game or don’t play enough to justify purchasing a high end set. They expect to pay a little but get a lot and then they get suspicious because they haven’t heard about any of these clubs or haven’t seen them on tv. The truth is, it’s tough to get the best of both worlds. However, there are some companies to watch for who are making big strides in this market. One of these companies we talk about quite a bit, Innovex Golf. Another rapidly growing company worth taking a look at is called Vulcan Golf.

Vulcan Golf is relatively new and is based out of Chicago. They have combined some straightforward designs with some of the most advanced technologies available today to offer a wide range of clubs for all levels of player. They are able to utilize some of today’s technology to maximize Moment of Inertia, COR, Center of Gravity, and club fitting in all of their golf clubs and keep them at a reasonable price.

Some of Vulcan’s more exciting new products include the 460 cc Caldera Driver. This driver is a forged SP700 Beta Ti driver available in a number of lofts and shaft options for under $250. Also available is Vulcan’s Backfire Hybrid set. The set is made up completely of hybrid irons and is $450 for an 8 piece set. The XDC3 is a nice looking forged, cavity-back set aimed for the mid or low handicap player.

For anybody looking for some moderately priced golf clubs, no matter what your skill level is, Vulcan will have a set for you. These clubs aren’t cheap knock-offs. All clubs are designed in house by president Gary Hansberger and are made with top notch materials and components. Check out their website,, for more information. Make sure you also take a look in the Custom Services and Company Information Sections to learn more about how they design and build golf clubs.

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