SirShanksAlot’s Spookiest Clubs Ever

Happy Halloween to everyone and thanks for stopping by! Let’s face it… there have been some really “interesting” golf clubs over the years. Some designs seem to catch on with the buying public and new trends are created… how many people laughed at the first hybrid they ever saw? Others just get tossed into the golf club graveyard and are never seen again. Halloween is a great time to wander through this graveyard and bring back some of the clubs we thought were dead. I’ll warn you though… some of the clubs described below may bring back scary memories of infomercials and bizarre designs! Let’s have a look at some clubs that probably should never be brought back to life…

1. Cleveland VAS Irons

One of the spookiest irons ever made. I think they measured the offset in these in feet. The purple color scheme was an interesting touch. Not a bad iron if you could get over the horrible look.

2. Power Pod Driver

A driver as round as a jack-o’-lantern defies logic. It could be the worst driver I’ve ever hit… and I’m probably not alone on this one!

3. Tommy Armour Ti-100 Irons

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen these… you can make a one yourself in just a few easy steps. Take a steel shaft and go find a small hatchback car. Next… take the shaft and jam it through the front windshield. Find seven more cars and you’ve got yourself a new set of clubs. These things were huge!

4. Wilson Invex Woods

U.F.O.’s are scary! A U.F.O. on the end of a shaft is even scarier! Ok… I won’t lie… I used to play an Invex fairway wood and SirPuttsAlot reminds me of it everyday!

5. Callaway C4 Driver

Callaway has a pretty good track record but everyone makes mistakes. Their mistake came in the form of a 360CC composite driver. R.I.P my friend!

6. Top Flite Intimidator Driver

I wouldn’t say it was the worst driver ever made but there was a time where every single Intimidator we sold came back with a cracked face. They didn’t try to resolve the problem… they just sent us more and those all came back too! Talk about returning from the grave!

7. The E-Club

Nick Price is one of the best players in the world and even he couldn’t sell this thing. It looked a bit like a fairway wood that got damaged in transport.

8. Ray Cook Titanic Irons

The name says it all.

9. The Alien Wedge

Fend off werewolves and ghouls with this handy weapon. Doubles as a really bad wedge too. I still get the odd person asking for these at my shop… a full moon makes people do strange things!

10. The Air Hammer Driver

Get the power of Zolex working for you! The only thing worse than the Air Hammer’s design is the infomercial. Jack Hamm will give you nightmares!

There you go… some of the spookiest designs to ever hit the market! Let’s hope that they all remain things of the past. I’m off to collect some candy with our little Darth Vader. Happy Halloween to all and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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