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I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of a smart guy but sometimes I just get confused. Just when I’m starting to get an idea of what our readers think of the new Nike SUMO2 driver (and square drivers in general)… SUMO Saturday comes along and totally confuses me. Let me explain…

When a new club hits the market (or gets close to hitting the market) SirPutts and I start getting all sorts of reader email from people letting us know what they think. We also start to hear things from our customers and we start to form a general “yay” or “nay”. This becomes the foundation of our golf club reviews and… well… away we go.

The Nike SUMO2 (and other square headed drivers for that matter) are just starting to enter the marketplace and reader feedback is totally mixed. There seems to be no middle ground on these… you either love them or you hate them. I know that golf is a very personal sport and everyone will have a different opinion but we are usually able to draw some sort of conclusions from the information we gather. Often times we’ll get 10 “yay” emails to 2 “nay” emails (or vice versa) in response to a certain club and we’re then able to get a better idea of what everyone thinks. This whole square driver thing seems to be straight down the middle… not a bad place to be when you’re playing golf… but an interesting place to be when you’re trying to gauge consumer feedback.

The confusion for me started on Saturday when I started reading feedback from Nike’s SUMO Saturday. This was the first real chance for the golfing public to try a square driver. It seemed that every positive comment I read was followed by a not so positive one. Some hated the shape… others didn’t mind it. Some hated the feel… others thought it was great. Some hated the sound… others thought it was cool.

So I’m turning to the smartest group of online golfers in the world (that would be you) for help. Send us an email (…. it can even be a quick few lines. Have you hit a square driver? What do you think? Is it something you would play? Have you bought one already? Any info would be great. It doesn’t have to be the Nike SUMO2… it just happens that they are one of the first to market. The Callaway FT-i, the Orlimar Fury QB… even the Accuform Whistler…. what did you think? I’ll gather all of the info together and put it all into a post. We’ll obviously have reviews of these clubs in the coming months but I wanted to gauge consumer feedback and see what you think so far.

There are lots of things that confuse me… why the sky is blue, why TaylorMade seems to have 100 drivers in their current line, why the Boston Bruins can’t win more than 2 games in a row but this one takes the cake. Thanks in advance for your help and we’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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