No Real Surprises In New Cleveland Golf Line

Back from the long weekend! Hope everyone had a chance to play a bit of golf over the past few days… the golf season is coming to an end in many areas and the September long weekend marks the last round of the year for some. If only we were lucky enough to live somewhere warm! There won’t be any real order to this post… just lots of odds and ends that have been building up for a while…

The new Mizuno MX-500 driver and F50 fairway woods are now up on the Mizuno website. Both feature composite technology and will be available within the next week. Mizuno has added a composite toe to the driver which moves even more weight towards the heel and helps close the face at impact. I’ve had a few people already ask about these and I am very interested in hitting them.

A few mini golf club reviews of some of the new stuff. We had a Titleist 735 demo set at our shop the other day and a few customers and staff had the chance to hit some balls. Everyone that hit them really liked them. I’ve also talked to a few Titleist staff players that I know (local club pros) and most of them have already ordered their 735’s. I think Titleist has a real winner here. Most people that have hit the new Ping G5 driver say that it feels exactly the same as the G2. Same goes for the G5 irons. If you really want to get some Ping clubs I’d consider the G2 equipment at a reduced price over the G5 stuff at full price. But that’s just me…

We’ve all heard about the new Cleveland Launcher woods that are coming October 1st (new Launcher 460, Launcher 460 Offset, new Launcher fairway woods) but what will happen to the Cleveland iron line? For the time being… nothing. The 2005 Fall line consists of the CG1, CG2, CG4, TA6 and the Launcher irons. It’s expected that Cleveland will launch a new iron in the spring.

Precept will get into the “crystal” ball market soon with the launch of their new colored ball line. I think the new golf balls are called Precept S3 but I could be wrong about that. My rep was in the other day and was talking about them but I was more concerned with eating my breakfast and didn’t listen to his whole speech. Hey… what can I say… I was hungry!

We sell a ton of Nancy Lopez equipment at my shop and I think it is some of the best ladies stuff on the market. Watch for Lopez to enter into the premium club market next year with the introduction of a set that will rival the “big names” in both price and performance. I’m very interested to see how this works for them. I think we’ll bring a few expensive sets in but the strength of the Lopez line will always lie in the mid-ranged clubs if you ask me.

I’ve mentioned our trip to the PGA Fall Expo in Las Vegas a few times but we’re starting to put together a timeline so I thought I’d pass it along. We’ll be Vegas for a few days of drinking before heading down to Carlsbad, California. We will be visiting TaylorMade Golf on September 26, Callaway Golf on September 27, and then back to Vegas for the PGA Fall Expo on September 28. We’ll be doing daily updates from the hotel each day and we hope to bring you some interesting stories and news. I’m pretty excited to visit TaylorMade and Callaway and I know SirPuttsAlot is too! Stay tuned for that!

I’ve also added a new link to the “Links” page. Check out… a site filled with cool golf info and golf links. Speaking of websites… the pictures on golf ball guys will soon have a website up and running. This is some cool stuff… it takes logo golf balls to a new level. I’ll let you know when the site is done!

I think most of us have been following the situation in New Orleans over the past week. SirPutts and I have been paying close attention because one of our regular readers manages a Nevada Bobs shop in New Orleans. We haven’t heard from him lately and we hope everything is ok. Best wishes to all in the region!

That’s all for today I think. New product info is starting to come in so I think the next few weeks should be pretty fun. Stay tuned… silly season has just begun!

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