A Follow Up To New Golf Club Roundup

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! It’s a special day here at… it’s one of the rare nights where SirPuttsAlot is actually at my place when I update. He’s drinking beer and watching football so I guess you’re stuck with me…

A few odds and ends to follow up yesterday’s post about new golf clubs to watch for. First up… I mentioned the new Titleist driver that we may see in the spring. The Titleist 905R is being tested on Tour right now and it sounds like it’s between 455CC and 460CC. There is also a new Wilson driver (PD6) that is being tested by Padraig Harrington. It features a composite top and two weight screws. I’ll see what else I can find about this and will pass it on.

SirPuttsAlot’s shop just received it’s first shipment of the Precept S3 golf ball. This low compression ball is basically a knock off of the popular Volvik Crystal ball and should sell very well. I also had a chance to see the new pink Pinnacle Ladies ball today… again a knock off of the crystal ball.

Uh oh… what happens when you put SirPuttsAlot, SirShanksAlot and a few beer in the same room? We start ranting about golf equipment! Let’s see what we have…

– New Ping Equipment – Didn’t Ping used to keep their equipment the same until they developed something better to replace it? Go hit the G2 and the G5 stuff and tell us the difference… besides price.

– Is composite technology done? We think so. Cobra dabbled with composite crowns and is now coming out with a totally “Comp Free” wood line. Cleveland’s new Launcher drivers feature even thinner titanium crowns… so why do they need the Launcher Comp? TaylorMade has stayed away from the whole composite idea and they have one of the best driver lines in the world. Titleist and Nike steered clear and it doesn’t seem to have hurt them either. Just a thought…

– Why is Callaway getting rid of the Big Bertha 454 driver after only one season? It was one of the hottest drivers this year and most guys I talk to could have sold more had they been able to get it. Keep it around for another year… let it have another solid season… then slowly transfer to the Callaway X driver. Consumer confidence is fragile right now… let people buy a new driver knowing that it will have a decent shelf life.

– Why didn’t the Nike NDS sell better this year? Sales started off good… they even had some success with it on the LPGA Tour. Then it started to sit more than it sold. The NDS line (the irons especially) are great pricepoint clubs. Why would a customer buy a knock off iron when they could buy something with the “swoosh” for right about the same price? I guess we’ll never know….

– Gore-Tex… contrary to popular belief there are other materials that are waterproof and breathable. Why is everyone so crazy about it? We get so many people at my shop asking for it but then shy away when they hear the price. I’ll show them something that is a bit cheaper but doesn’t have the name and they walk away. Gore-Tex is material owned by W.L. Gore and Associates Inc. It has become the “household” name for waterproof material… kind of like how Kleenex is the “household” name for tissue. Do you only buy Kleenex tissue for your house or do you grab a product of equal quality at a cheaper price? Don’t get me wrong… Gore-Tex is great stuff but there is other awesome material out there. Any of it will keep you dry in the rain.

– And one last one as we watch the football game tonight. What’s up with the Oakland Raiders? They always seem to have decent talent but they can’t quite figure out that stupid penalties lead to points for the other team. Neither of us are Oakland fans (go Chargers) but it’s kind of boring watching a team kill themselves with penalties. Oh ya.. 4th and 28 is not a good place to be…

There… we feel a lot better now! Thanks again to everyone for stopping by and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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