Viva Las Vegas!

In Golf News And Rumors by SirShanksAlotLeave a Comment is on the road to Las Vegas and the 2005 PGA Fall Expo. We’ll have lots of info and pictures for everyone next week so stay tuned.About the pictures… the software we use here at is not all that great for pictures and photo galleries. We’ll be emailing all of the pictures from the show to the guys over at and they’ll post them as they get them. You’ll be able to stop by our site to read up on our (mis)adventures and then head over to to check out the pictures. We’ll have a TaylorMade post for you tommorrow (Thursday) and we’ll try to get something up for Friday too… as long as one of us stays sober enough to operate a computer. Thanks again for all the support and emails… and we’ll talk to you soon… from Las Vegas!

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