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Hello folks and thanks for checking back again. Some of you have probably noticed that my last two posts have been pretty shaky, well, thats because SirShanksAlot forgot his password and has been posting under my name. Don’t worry though, I’m back and I’m going to change my password ASAP.

As most of the regulars probably know we are in Las Vegas right now but we had a chance to head down to San Diego for a couple of days and see some things there. Yesterday we got to take a brief tour of the Callaway plant and we were quite impressed.

We didn’t get to meet anyone of great significance and we didn’t get to really learn anything about the new products but we did get a chance to see their assembly process which was cool. For anybody who has never seen how a golf club is built I would highly recommend taking a tour like this, very informative. For SirShanksAlot and I it wasn’t really anything new but it was neat to see the focus and attention that go into every single golf club that comes out of the plant. It only takes 45 minutes for Callaway to assemble a driver but in that time it goes through about 8 sets of hands and all of them are looking for blemishes or defects. There is truly nothing second rate that comes out of the plant there.

We also got to see the warranty department which was very interesting. Even though Callaway says they have a two year warranty we saw clubs being fixed that were over 5 years old. I also learned that they will clean your set of clubs once a year for free. A pretty neat service, the clubs come out looking brand new.

Anybody who ever considers buying knock-off or fake clubs should take one tour through a plant like this and they will see in a hurry why you pay the big bucks for Callaway equipment and why it is worth it.

Thats it for now but stay tuned for some updates from the PGA show soon.

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