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We’re back home after a long, long, long drive… it was a fun trip but my bed is calling! We had a great time at the show yesterday. We met some interesting people (a big hello to everyone at the Barbary Coast!) , saw some cool stuff and even took a picture or two. The show wasn’t huge so we were able to cover everything in one day. We have lots to talk about so we’ll be spacing out the news over the next few days… it might even take a week to get to everything. Our first stop is Tommy Armour Golf.

I really like Tommy Armour equipment and it’s been tough to see the company in financial trouble. Looks like the company has turned things around and expect an announcement in early October letting the public know that all is well at Tommy Armour Golf. The product line for 2005 is soild and the company has kept everything pretty simple. Here is an overview of what we’ll see from them…

Silver Scot Forged Cavity Back Irons – a clean looking cavity with some offset that is designed for the mid to high handicap. Fairly rounded profile and classy chrome finish. Will come stock with Rifle shafts. Reminds me of older Tommy Armour irons.

Silver Scot Forged Blade Irons – Straight blade, reduced offset and designed for the better player. Same chrome finish and stock shafts as the Cavity Back irons. A nice iron but it’s not for everyone.

Silver Scot Forged Wedges – Look just like the Forged Blades. Will come with Rifle Spinner shafts.

Pro Spin Wedges – A bit different looking. There are two different versions of this wedge… a Tour Launch version and a High Launch version. Both have a small cavity in the back but the cavity depth is different for each. The depth of the cavity helps change the center of gravity and the ball flight. These will both feature Rifle Spinner shafts and CNC milled grooves for spin.

AyrTime Driver – I’ve mentioned this one in the past. The AyrTime has three weight ports across the back and the golfer can change the positioning of the three weights (comes with two 2.5 gram weights and one 25 gram weight) to alter how the club works. It’s a strange looking driver from the bottom but the top is clean and easy on the eyes. Comes with a Royal Precision graphite shaft with the Aldila NV also available as an upgrade. No matching fairway woods yet but they should come out eventually and there may be an AyrTime hybrid too.

ArrowMark Putters – Aluminum face and front with a stainless steel back. The putters also feature adjustable heel and toe weights (has both copper/tungsten and plain tungsten weights). Both putters have huge alignment aids in the shape of the letter “A”. Two styles available. Nice looking putters if you can get over the giant “A”.

P-117 Putter – A funny looking MOI putter that is difficult to explain. It didn’t feel too bad though. Features an aluminum body with stainless steel pillars that hold another aluminum deck. It’s too hard to explain…

The Morph irons are still in the line as are the Torch woods. The new irons are much better than the Morph when it comes to looks and feel. I think Armour has a pretty solid line here… it probably won’t blow people away but it’s a huge step in the right direction for them.

That’s all for today… stay tuned for more info and pics in the coming days. So much to talk about… new Odyssey putters, new Callaway woods and irons, more info on the Nike SQ woods, a new Yonex hybrid, a new Wilson iron, Puma golf shoes, the Tour Edge Exotics driver, some amazing putters from Precise Golf and much more. Stay tuned!

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