Cleveland Golf Slashes Prices

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Just a quick note for now… I’m off on Tuesday so I’ll be posting a bit more then. Looks like Cleveland has started the end of season clearance a bit early. The Launcher 400, Launcher 460, Launcher steel fairways and Launcher titanium fairways have all dropped in price.The Launcher 400 isn’t a surprise… I’ve been having a hard time finding stock on them. The Launcher fairway woods have been around for a few years and it now looks like they may be nearing the end of their life cycle. The 460 was a bit of a surprise but it should be noted that the COMP driver has stayed at the same price. I’ll talk to my Cleveland guy this week and see if I can get an idea of what new products they have coming. The current Cleveland wood line is really solid but I guess change is needed to keep up with other companies. Thanks to one of our readers for writing in and alerting us to these price changes. Have a good night and we’ll talk to you in the morning!

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