Titleist, Cobra, Ping, and Nike News

We finally got some official information from a local Titleist/Cobra source. Titleist has now decided for sure that there will be a fall launch for the 735 irons.For those that don’t know yet, the 735 is a combo set that comes in a chrome, forged carbon-steel head and a brushed, forged stainless steel head. The carbon-steel will retail for a higher price but will have a nicer look and feel to it. The Titleist 695 which is also being played on Tour right now will be released in the spring of 2006. No official word on the Titleist 660 iron as of right now but it is looking like it will probably be released next year.

Still with Titleist, they have a new hybrid club on the horizon. The new hybrid is going to be more along the lines of the Taylor Made Rescue club and will be alot easier to hit than the 503.h. No word on the name of the new Titleist hybrid but it will be released in spring 2006.

Cobra has announced that all woods in the line-up right now are being discontinued. This includes the SZ series and the Comp series, even the new 460 SZ. Cobra has not announced what they are bringing out to replace these clubs and the iron line-up will remain unchanged for 2006.

Ping is starting to generate a lot of buzz around the new i5 irons. Still no official release date yet but our friends at GolfWRX have got pictures up in the forum under Tour Equipment. The i5 looks similar to the i3 but has a slightly wider sole and more cavity to it. Chris DiMarco is currently playing the new Ping i5 iron. No word on whether there will be an i5 O-Size and Blade or just one model but I am guessing that Ping is done with the Blade models now that they have the S59. There is apparently also a Ping G5 iron and Ping G5 driver on the way so stay tuned.

In Nike news, they will have a new hybrid coming out for 2006. The new club is going to be the Nike Slingshot Hybrid. From what I hear this club is insanely easy to hit, hopefully it looks better than the CPR! The hybrid should be released at the same time as the new Nike driver early in 2006.

SirShanksAlot adds… Watch for Cleveland Golf to release a ladies version of their popular HALO hybrid. No word on loft and shaft availabilities but I’ll let you know when I find out.

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