New Nike Products On The Way

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for checking out our shirts at our new online store. It’s kind of cool to think that there will be people all over the world wearing stuff!

I had a nice chat with a golf pro friend of mine today. He had a bit more info on some of the new Nike clubs we should see this fall. First up… looks like the “Sasquatch” name is actually going to stick. Watch for a Nike Sasquatch (SQ) driver and matching Sasquatch fairway woods in November. He also said that there should be a new Nike Slingshot iron at the same time. We’ll keep you updated as we get more info…

Looking for a great golf ball at an even better price? You might want to do some searching around for the Bridgestone B330 ball. There are a few different internet retailers that are blowing this ball out. This is a great tour ball.. good distance, good spin and great feel.

That’s all for tonight… it’s Friday night after all! Thanks again for all the email and support. We’ll talk to you soon!

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