Want Your Picture On A Golf Ball?

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by. Is it just me or is there nothing going on in the golf business right now? We’ve had some great emails lately so I thought I would pass a few of them along and I want to talk a bit about a really cool logo ball machine too.

First up… an email in response to the review of the Titleist 904F fairway wood. Our reader wanted to know a bit more about which clubs are designed for the better player and which ones are designed for the average player. Most companies cater to all types of players… TaylorMade has their TP line for the better player, Callaway has their Pro Series equipment… you get the idea. Titleist is a bit different… the majority of their equipment is geared towards the better player and their sister line (Cobra Golf) is designed for the mid to high handicapper. The game improvement market is much larger than the “players” category so most of a company’s resources are spent on the masses. Most of the clubs that you’ll see in your local shop will be designed for the average player. They will usually have technology that helps hit the ball high and straight. These clubs will also feature stock shafts… these shafts are designed to help the average player. So to answer the original email… there are very few companies that don’t feature clubs for everyone. Do some research before you buy and make sure you find the right clubs for you.

Lots of emails in regards to the new wood line from Cobra Golf. We haven’t had any real solid information on the new clubs yet… lots of “he said she said” kind of stuff. We’ll let you now when we hear more.

An email about information on grips and shoes. We don’t really get into grips and shoes too much. When something new and exciting comes around we like to mention it but we have a hard enough time keeping up with golf clubs! Feel free to email us with questions regarding other golf equipment… SirPuttsAlot is great at getting back to people with information and advice. We’ll keep writing if you keep showing up and sending emails!

When you work in the golf business all day and then come home and write about golf, you’re bound to come across some pretty cool golf stuff from time to time. SirPuttsAlot suggested that we put a list together of some of our favorites…. – some of the nicest putters you’ll ever see. Mr. Slighter can make pretty much anything and everything! – these guys make some of the coolest golf stuff you’ll ever see. Beautiful products for the serious golfer. Check them out! – another great putter company. If you’re a regular on any of the golf forums you probably know all about Gauge Design already.

One other one for you but these guys don’t have a website yet. Need some logo balls for your company or special occasion? Tired of having to buy a minimum number of balls and then having to wait up to a month for the balls to come in? Sick of boring logos and high setup fees? Well do we have a company for you! We got an email from a couple of guys that have a machine that can put actual photographs on golf balls. You email them your picture and they’ll logo some balls for you… no setup fees, no minimum quantities and good prices. We wanted to see what these guys could do so we sent them some pictures and got them to put them on balls. Sure enough… a few days later I had a sleeve of golf balls with my picture on it. The quality is awesome… I look better on the ball then I do in person! They say that they do a lot of weddings.. with a picture of the bride and groom on one side and their names and date on the other. We do lots of logo balls at my shop but the old 3 color logos are so boring. We have started to use this new technology and people have been really happy with the work! Send me an email… and I’ll be happy to pass along some contact information for these guys!

And a big thanks to all who have stopped by the online store. We got some shirts in the other day and they look great! Looks like the “got shanks?” ringer tee has been the most popular so far. Thanks for all the support and emails… we’ll talk to you again real soon!

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