Let’s Answer Some Email!

Usually SirPuttsAlot answers most of the email but since he is off on his golfing trip I guess I have to carry the load! No problem… I picked out a few so let’s get to it.

First question is about the Cleveland CG1 irons in the Black Pearl finish. You’ve probably seen this finish on some of the CG10 wedges out there and Cleveland has done some experimenting with it on different irons. It’s a combination of nickel and chrome that looks great and reduces glare. I talked to Cleveland the other day about the Black Pearl clubs and they said that there are no plans to release CG1 irons in a Black Pearl finish. Are they out there? Yes… there are a few Tour players that use them. Will we ever see them in stores? I wouldn’t hold your breath!

We had a few emails about my mention of some new Mizuno irons coming to a store near you in the fall. I don’t know which models will be available but we keep hearing that the MP-27 may be one of them. We’ll keep you updated…

Next question is about the Callaway X-Tour driving iron. This has popped up on a few different sites (including GolfWrx) so I asked my Callaway guy about it. He says that the line is pretty much set for the rest of 2005. I know that the X-Tour driving iron is pretty rare and I would be very surprised if Callaway ever released it… I just don’t know if there would be a huge demand for it. I’ll let you know if I hear anything else. On a releated note… what’s up with the HX Hot golf ball? Did it get a really good review on TV recently? We all of a sudden can’t keep them in stock. I had a guy buy 5 boxes of them the other day. The HX Hot is a decent distance ball but I would have never guessed that we would sell out of them…

A question about expanding our golf club reviews to include putters and wedges. We looked at doing putter and wedge reviews but they are a really personal item. We’ll gladly talk about wedges and putters and will answer any questions that you may have but we are not planning any reviews as of now. Thanks for the email!

There ya go… a quick post today. Hope everyone in North America has a great long weekend… Canada Day on Friday and July 4th on Monday. Go play some golf… I know I am! If you’re not in North America, have a good weekend anyways. I’ll be back with a post or two on Sunday (maybe late Friday) so stay tuned!

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