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Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by!We hope you enjoyed our first “A Quick 18 With…” feature yesterday with PeakVision Sports President Scott D. Berg. We here are are always on the lookout for new and exciting golf products and PeakVision eyewear really sparked our interest. I think we all would like to wear sunglasses during golf but it’s really hard to find a pair that fits the bill. Most golfers that I talk to want sunglasses that sit comfortably, stay motionless during the swing and don’t impair their vision during the shot. I see a lot of golfers that spend a ton of cash on beautiful sunglasses… only to have the glasses sit on their hats during the round.

PeakVision has set out to create a line of golf specific eyewear that golfers can actually use during their round. Makes sense to me… I know I’d like to wear a pair of sunglasses during a round and keep them on the whole time. They have also patented “Dual-Zone” technology that helps a golfer read greens. Is it too good to be true? Can a pair of sunglasses really help the average golfer read greens and lower their scores? We just had to find out…

I won’t go into great detail about the in’s and out’s of “Dual-Zone” technology but here is a brief outline. PeakVision has created a lens that is dark at the top (like a normal sunglass lens) and light on the bottom (it’s actually kind of yellow). The idea is simple… the dark zone acts as a normal sunglass and it does a great job of reducing glare. The amber bottom helps the golfer spot undulations in the green. Be sure to check out the PeakVision website for more information on the “Dual-Zone” technology.

SirPuttsAlot and I have been trying out PeakVision eyewear for about a month now. I was pretty skeptical at first… I worried about the two types of tints and how they could become annoying when looking down at the ball. I worried about the glasses falling off (I usually wear glasses on my hat during the swing). But I was most skeptical about the whole green reading thing… come on… how is that suppose to work?

We gave the glasses to some of our testers and let them play a few rounds while using them. We encouraged them to wear the glasses for the whole round… even while putting. We also made sure that we didn’t let our testers know about the whole “green reading thing”. Sure enough… one of the first comments we heard had to do with the ability to see breaks. Our testers raved about being able to see little breaks and hills. The glasses make some areas of the green darker than others… making the undulations stick out like a sore thumb. Sure you still have to physically make the putt (they’re not that good!) but being able to read the break is half the battle.

The cool part about the “Dual-Zone” technology is that they still act and feel the same as normal sunglasses. The amber lens technology is great for the greens but I think most people would go crazy if the whole lens was amber. Who would want to have the whole course look yellow? Why be forced to look through yellow lenses for 5 hours just so you can read a green better? That’s the cool part about these… the darker tint on the top of the lens (where you look the majority of the time) is just like a normal sunglass.

The glasses sit really well and are very comfortable to wear. They weigh next to nothing too. PeakVision has developed numerous styles and golfers should have no problems finding a model that works for them. The glasses are available at various retail outlets across America and on the PeakVision Sports website. They also come with a 30-day guarantee. In need of some new sunglasses for golfing? Sick of wearing glasses on your hat? Having some problems on the green? Give PeakVision eyewear a try!

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