New Titleist Irons Coming Soon

Hello everyone and a happy Monday to you all. I’m off today so I think you’ll see a few smaller updates throughout the day. We have been getting some good emails lately so let’s answer a few this morning…

Our first email asks about new Titleist irons. We’re slowly starting to get some more info on these after all the rumors and hype over the past few months. Here is what we know about the new Titleist irons. We should see the 735CM combo set (forged stainless) and a new 660 iron in August. We should then see a chromed version of the 735CM towards the end of August followed by the 695MB and 695CB closer to Christmas. There should be replacements for the current 704 and 804 in the spring. I’ve asked my rep about all of these and he is still very tight lipped… like Titleist seems to be on most new equipment. Thanks to a few of my Titleist staff friends and everyone at Golfwrx for the info!

Speaking of Golfwrx… we had another email from a reader asking about a new Ping i5 iron… and someone on Golfwrx asking the same thing. I mentioned the i5 iron a while back (I can’t remember when I wrote about it though) but I really don’t have any new info on them. I’ll keep digging around and I will see what I can find. Thanks for the email!

Some news from Innovex Golf… our 2005 Golf Company Of The Year. Innovex has teamed up with In The Hole! Golf and will use In The Hole! as their new online retailer. On a related note… watch for Innovex’s new CfD driver coming in November.

Watch for Michelle Wie to sign with Nike Golf later on this year. This will give Nike all sorts of options in the female golf equipment/apparel department and a signing like this could boost sluggish golf sales for the company.

Just a quick update for now. I’m working on a review for this afternoon and I’m sure SirPutts will be answering some email later on too. Thanks for stopping by and we will talk to you very soon!

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