UST ProForce V2 Shaft Now Available

UST has officially launched the V2 graphite shaft. This shaft created a lot of buzz over the past few months and we have had lots of questions about it. We used to get the “What shaft is Adam Scott using?” question all the time… and here’s your answer!A quick overview of the new V2 shaft. Lower torque than the original ProForce, designed to work in today’s larger clubheads, overall a more flexible shaft that the Proforce (more flex gives it a bit more feel, but it’s stiff enough for control), quick recovery and it’s available in 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 gram options. The V2 is basically an updated version of the older ProForce. UST says that this shaft is good for all levels. I find that a bit hard to believe though… a higher handicapper is just as well off with a stock shaft!

We had someone email us the other day and ask about some unique TaylorMade clubs that they saw at a large golf retailer. The clubs in question were the TaylorMade 540XD fairway and the TaylorMade 540XD irons. We emailed TaylorMade and were told that these were exclusive clubs for that retailer. Sometimes companies and bigger retailers work out deals on exclusive clubs… some call them “deck clubs”… that only their stores stock. These are usually older products that have been repackaged, clubs that were not released to the public but instead were sold to one retailer or different versions of the same club. I remember back in the day when there were 5 or 6 stores within a 10 black radius of mine. We all wanted to stock Palmer clubs… they were a decent club for a decent price. Palmer decided to come out with different “deck clubs”… my store might have the Palmer Premier, the store 2 blocks away would have the Palmer Axiom and another store might have the Palmer Standard… you get the idea. These were all basically the same clubs but with different names. It was great for us… we could raise the price of our Palmer irons because no one else had the same club and customers couldn’t compare prices! It was also kind of neat to have an exclusive club for our store. So next time you go into a store and see something totally different and unique… it might be a deck club. Is there anything wrong with them? No. Will you find them elsewhere and be able to compare prices? No. Are they worth a shot? Sure!

Nike Golf has introduced their Nike Sphere React clothing line. The Sphere React garments are designed to react to your enviroment and keep you cooler as it gets hotter. Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Want to see more? Watch the PGA this weekend because a whole list of Nike Staffers including Tiger Woods will be wearing this new Nike clothing. The Nike website even lists what each Nike guy will be wearing each day… not a surprise that Tiger will have a red shirt on Sunday!

Well just a quick update on this Friday night. Get out and play some golf this weekend! I just did. Thanks for all of the emails and the support over these past few weeks. It seems that our readers really liked the 24 In 24 so watch for more golf club reviews soon! Have a great weekend.

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