Grafalloy Makes Epic Introduction

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! We’ve been focused on our Orlando coverage as of late but I thought I’d take a break and pass along some other news and notes from the golf world. I’ve still got a few more posts and pictures from the show and will be mopping up the coverage in the coming days. Let’s get to it!

Grafalloy launched a new shaft at the PGA Show and it promises to make some noise in the coming months. The Grafalloy Epic has been in the planning stages for over 3 years and the company has finally brought it to market. The shaft features Nanofuse technology… the company was able to create a shaft that brings together the best of the steel and graphite worlds. Company tests show that their Nanofuse technology helped tighten shot dispersion by up to 35% over other graphite shafts. Check out the Epic website for a bit of a teaser. This shaft will make it’s Tour debut in February and then will be available in stores shortly after. I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Nanotechnology. There are so many different things that designers can do with shafts and I really think that shaft technology will only get better. It’s up to the consumer to stay on top of these trends and find a shaft that works for them. If you don’t know what shaft is right for you… ask your local pro or clubfitter. Get on a launch monitor and try different shafts.

Speaking of launch monitors… we got an email from Kevin Downey (formerly of Innovex Golf)…


LM #1

ZELOCITY PURELAUNCH (Retail Price $3995) – $2000 (shipped ground anywhere in the continental US) obo


You may view this model at

System purchased in spring of 2006. “Like new” condition (used 20 times in its life). Package includes laptop (software already installed), internal battery, external battery pack, all cables, charger, power strip, etc – this unit is in perfect condition and ready to go!

LM #2

GOLFACHIEVER ACHIEVER II (Retail Price $4995) – $1000 ($100 ground shipping credit included) obo


You may view this model at

System purchased in 2004. Used a fair amount, but still in very good condition. Includes Achiever II Unit, Desktop PC (software installed), all cables, power strip, and commercial hitting net.

Contact: Kevin Downey, 913-402-6000 or email at

Please leave message with your contact information if I am not available.

We are able to process credit cars to complete sale (through my business).

Something to consider if you’re in need of a launch monitor!

So I’m sure you know all about Super Bowl Sunday but did you know that the day before has been dubbed SUMO Saturday by Nike Golf? The company is giving golfers a chance to try (and buy) the new Nike SUMO driver by setting up demo days at various shops across the country. Check out the SUMO Saturday section of the Nike Golf website for more details! This club was one of the big hits at the Orlando PGA Show Demo Day and I expect it to lead the square driver charge!

I think that’s about it for right now. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and in a way I’m glad it’s all over. I had a chance to meet some very interesting people at the show and I hope their added industry insight will only help make the site stronger in the future. SirPutts and I have worked very hard to develop relationships with various people in the golf industry and it was nice to finally meet many of these people in person for the first time. Keep your emails coming… we’ll do our best to get you answers from people in the know!

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