Els’ New Irons

You can add Ernie Els to the growing list of players switching to Royal Precision’s Project X Rifle Shafts. The Project X shafts have a longer taper to them which releases more energy to the ball at impact producing a flatter, longer trajectory.

Els is still using his Titleist 670 blades but has switched to the new shafts in a 6.5 flex. The 6.5 is a stiff flex shaft with a high kick-point. According to Els on this shaft “is a bit lighter and slightly softer. They feel nice. There’s just a little more ‘give’ in the shaft, which helps me swing the club easier and with good rhythm.”

One thing to note, if Ernie Els who has a clubhead speed of close to 120 MPH with the driver is going to a softer shaft, why aren’t more people? As SirShanksAlot always says, the game is hard enough already, why make it tougher?

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