Callaway Locks Up Annika For The Long Haul

From the “No Brainer File”… Callaway Golf has extended their endorsement deal with Annika Sorenstam past 2010. Who wouldn’t want one of the best female golfers ever playing their stuff? Annika has actually played Callaway equipment her entire professional career… how many players can say that they have done that? A good move for Callaway and a good payday for the most dominant golfer in the world.

We talked a bit about Bridgestone Golf yesterday and I thought I would pass this along too… Bridgestone has teamed up with the American Legion and is donating golf equipment to service men and women returning home from places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It is kind of a cool promotion too… the company will donate one piece of equipment for every yard over 300 yards that Bridgestone staffer Scott Hend averages per week on Tour. Here’s hoping for some huge drives from Scott! On a related note… Bridgestone is calling Fred Couple’s new irons “J33 Prototypes”.

I should have some more info on the Titleist 735 irons next week. Our Titleist rep is away at sales meetings right now and hopes to have a release date for me on Monday! I think everyone is hoping for August of September here!

A few notes on some of the backorders that I have been mentioning over the past few weeks. I think TaylorMade and Nancy Lopez must of heard me because our first two deliveries of the day were… you guessed it… TaylorMade Rescue Mids and Nancy Lopez sets. We got an email from one of our long time readers mentioning that he was having some trouble getting Callaway X-18 irons. We got 8 sets in yesterday and I ordered another today (special order). Callaway is getting a bit slow on special orders right now (tis the season) but I know we’re not having any problems with X-18’s. Speaking of Callaway… we have started to get in a lot more of the Odyssey 2 Ball putters with the line across the top. These putters are also a bit heavier and customers really like them. I’m hoping that they keep them around a bit longer because they sell really well for us!

I think that’s about it for today… sorry I don’t have any other odds and ends for you. I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by today and a big thanks to everyone that sent us email! SirPuttsAlot wrote a lot of you back personally and I tried to cover a few in today’s news. See you all tomorrow!

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