A Quick Review Of The New TaylorMade Clubs

It’s about time… after months or writing about them, answering emails about them, speculating about them and then writing some more about them… I finally got to see and hit all of the new TaylorMade products.We’ll be doing full reviews on all of them once they hit retail but I thought I would make a few quick comments on each. Overall… I really enjoyed the new products. A few customers were in the shop while our rep was showing off the new demos and I was surprised at how much they knew about the clubs. Sounds like my customers have been doing a bit of homework on!

TaylorMade R5 Dual TP – Looks and feels exactly the same as the current R5. Shaft (Mitsubishi Diamana) feels great in the club. We ordered a few of these and I will be curious to see how lower handicappers react to them.

TaylorMade R7 TP Fairway – It’s a lot smaller than I expected and it sets up really well. The weight ports are set very deep into the head and TaylorMade has done a great job at not making this club huge. It felt pretty good and I really want to hit it outside to see how the weights change the ball flight. The sole kind of looks like the V Steel too. It only comes in a #2, #3, and #5… no #7 wood option which I found kind of weird. My rep says it’s because “good players don’t hit 7 woods”… don’t know if I agree with that! I think we ordered a few but they aren’t cheap. Oh ya… and they don’t come with a wrench either!

TaylorMade Rescue Dual and Rescue Dual TP – These were my favorite. I was expecting these to be really big but they are almost the same size as the current Rescue Mid clubs. Both felt awesome and everyone in my shop agreed that they felt better than the Rescue Mid. I think these will sell great as long as the price doesn’t get too out of hand. TaylorMade did a great job with these! We went pretty heavy on the Rescue Dual.

Rossa Monza Corza Putter – I am not a huge fan of big mallet putters but this one was pretty nice. Very stable on miss hits and a solid feel. I think fans of the Monza putters will really enjoy this one. I wanted to fool around with the weights but we were too busy with customers… stupid customers! Just kidding. We took a few of these.

Rossa AGSI Putters – He had a few different models with him and they felt really good. Does the AGSI technology really work? Who knows… I took a grand total of two putts with them! There was a center shafted blade… don’t remember the name… looked kind of like the Odyssey White Hot #2 center shaft… that was just awesome. Putters are so personal though. We ordered a few of these too.

There you go… a quick TaylorMade update for you! Again… stay tuned to for full reviews of these clubs in the coming weeks! Have a great weekend.

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