Callaway Unveils HX Tour56 Golf Ball

Callaway Golf has finally unveiled the HX Tour 56 ball. We’ve talked about this ball for months now and it will be available at the start of July. This ball already has nine worldwide wins and is basically a softer, higher spinning version of the current HX Tour. It also has six deeper dimples (which are actually fairly noticeable) that help create more lift off of the driver. Watch for the official FT-3 Fusion unveiling very soon!

We got an email from a reader asking about Ryan Moore and what company he will sign with now that he is turning pro. I’m expecting him to either sign with Ping (the equipment that he uses now) or Nike. It would be nice to see Ping grab a player like Moore but Nike has the money to lure him away!

The Nickent Genex 3DX Ironwood just keeps rolling on the Nationwide Tour. It was the #1 hybrid for a fourth week in a row and one can only wonder if it will ever reach the PGA Tour and put up similar numbers.

I guess now would be a good time to pick my winner for the U.S. Open. Way back in December I picked Sergio and I think I am going to stick with him. I really like the way he putted last week and that’s always a must for any U.S. Open winner. I also think Adam Scott and Vijay will have big weeks too. As for an underdog pick… I’m thinking a guy like Luke Donald may surprise a few people. I’m sure SirPuttsAlot will chime in soon with his picks too!

That’s all for now folks… just a quick update before I head to work. Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like getting out of bed? I’m having one of those right now! Talk to you later.

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