TaylorMade Burner Driver Review

It’s rare to see a driver with a “traditional shape” these days. Companies are starting to find new ways to increase a club’s MOI and it’s resulting in some very unique designs. The Burner is TaylorMade’s entry into the high MOI market… it’s bullet-like shape almost looks normal in today’s market.


What The Company Says…

TaylorMade Golf has created two different lines targeted at two different markets. The R7 line features movable weights and premium prices while the Burner line is geared more towards the average golfer with an average budget. 


The unique shape of the 460CC Burner helps draw the center of gravity deeper and further back. This low center of gravity helps get the ball in the air… and further down the middle. The Burner features an extremely high MOI… allowing for maximum performance on miss hits. Sound familiar? COG and MOI seem to be the buzzwords of 2007.


TaylorMade has equipped the Burner with a Fujikura RE*AX shaft… which is becoming a staple in the TaylorMade line. The Burner is also available in a TP version… a club that will be reviewed at a later date.  


What Our Readers Say…


Most comments are fairly positive yet the mark from our “Rate This Club” poll was a bit lower than we expected…


Long, straight and easy to hit.


I had a very hard time working this driver but I could see it being a good one for people that just want to hit it straight.


I don’t like the crown design but it’s still a good driver.


I was looking for a driver that didn’t cost very much. The Burner was a wise choice!!


Overall Reader Rating – 69%


What Our Customers Say…


Bringing back the “Burner” name was a great way to give this club a boost. Most golfers can associate with the name and this driver gets a lot of looks because of it. The Burner was designed as more of a value offering but we see players of all levels trying it out.


The most common compliment we hear surrounds length. The Burner is long… both in distance and in shaft length. If we were to get our customers to rate the drivers they hit strictly on shot length, the Burner would rank near the top with most. TaylorMade’s SuperFast technology delivers and helps make this one of the longest drivers on the market. The additional shaft length is both a pro and a con. Golfers that can handle the extra half inch should see an improvement in distance. Golfers that have difficulty keeping shorter drivers straight won’t benefit from the extra shaft length. To put things in perspective… most drivers on the market are between 44”-45”. The TaylorMade Burner is 45.5” long… an extra half inch of shaft doesn’t sound like a huge deal but it can be.


The head size, deep face and large footprint really instill a lot of confidence in the average golfer. Some players mention their displeasure with the unique graphics on the crown but most either don’t notice or don’t care.


The Burner really holds up well on miss hits and is one of the more forgiving drivers on the market. What it lacks in feel, it makes up in distance. Better players are advised to try the TP version… the design of the standard Burner makes working the ball very difficult.


The stock RE*AX shaft is a solid choice for most players and TaylorMade’s custom department offer a ton of other options. The Burner comes in at a great price and is right in line with the “value” offerings from other companies.


The Burner seems to be overshadowed by the numerous R7 drivers but it’s a more than adequate “value” compliment. The club is one of the longest drivers on the market and is very popular with the “grip it and rip it” crowd. Most golfers that we talk to agree that the Burner won’t win any awards for feel but it’s tough to argue with long and straight drives…


Overall Customer Rating – 73%


Overall Combined Rating – 71%

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