A Quick Review Of The Callaway HX Tour 56

So I actually got to play some golf today… my first 18 hole round of the year. Ya I know… I don’t play much. I thought today would be a good time to try out the new Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball and give our readers some feedback. I basically split my round in half and used the Callaway HX Tour on 9 holes and the Callaway HX Tour 56 on the other 9. I have used the original HX Tour a lot and have a really good idea of what it can and can’t do.

I like to put a lot of movement on my iron shots and a high spin ball works the best for me. The HX Tour 56 does spin a lot more… both in the air and on the green. I have always had a hard time putting a decent amount of backspin on the HX Tour but the “56″ checked up very well. That was the biggest difference that I noticed.

Distance was pretty close. I didn’t hit my driver all that well today but I didn’t really notice a difference here. Callaway says that the HX Tour is a longer ball but I hit my longest drive of the day (307 yards) with the “56″. Go figure.

Callaway also says that the “56″ is a softer ball… and it is. I liked putting the “56″ a lot more than the HX Tour. I didn’t think the difference in cover softness was a big deal with any other club besides the putter though.

In a nutshell… don’t look at the HX Tour 56 as a totally new ball. Look at it as a “tweaked” HX Tour. Think of the two balls as Callaway’s version of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x… two similar golf balls designed to give slightly different results. If you enjoy a fairly high spin ball… give the “56″ a try. If you have a bit of a slice… stick to the original HX Tour. Oh ya… and if you ever want to test a golf ball, do it during a texas scramble. You can hit some shots that you wouldn’t normally attempt during a normal round. A big hello to my scramble team from today… don’t worry… we’ll get ‘em next year!

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