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Another week means more rumors in the golf world! These are always fun… just make sure you take all of them with a grain of salt. Here are a few new ones for you…

The Titleist 735 irons will be released August 15th

My rep still has nothing to say about these but a good friend of mine at a large Titleist account has mentioned that his rep is bringing by a new iron next week. I tried to order a set from Titleist over the phone last week just for fun but the guy said that I was “a few months too early”. Put it this way… if I was a betting man and I was down to my last $100… I wouldn’t bet it on the release date of a golf club. If I was a betting man and I had $100 to spare… I’d bet on August 15th as the release date for the Titleist 735 irons.

Callaway will have an X-18 driver and matching fairway woods next year

I laughed at this one first but you may want to have a look at this site before totally throwing this rumor away. There are lots of clubs that are released in Japan that we here in North America will never see. Is this one of them? I don’t know. I’m thinking that the FT-3 Fusion will be around next year and Callaway would be stupid to get rid of the Big Bertha 454 (it’s selling like crazy). Do they need another driver in the line? Not really. Where would it fit in? A really low pricepoint… like below the Big Bertha 454? Probably not. A really high pricepoint… like above the FT-3? I don’t know… that’s pretty expensive. It’s cool to see this stuff but I’m thinking that this might be another “Japan-Only” club like the ERC Hot. Thanks to a few of our readers for emailing us about this one!

Mizuno will be releasing two new irons in the fall

I have heard this from a lot of industry people and it looks like it is true. I will see what I can find but I am thinking that there will probably be one new “MP” and one new “MX” offering available in August or September.

Callaway Golf will be sold to private investors

The only people that know the answer to this question are the folks in the boardroom at Callaway. This report came out last week in various newspapers and has caused some pretty serious buzz throughout the industry. Do I think it will happen? Yes. I think a new group of private owners is just what Callaway needs. I think it would allow for more creative club designs, more exciting products and it could make Callaway the leader in the business again. Callaway needs to get back to what made them so big in the first place… great products designed for the average player. Not mediocre products designed to make extra profits.

There you go… a few more for you. Are they true? Are they myths? Who knows… that’s why we call them rumors! Have a great day and we’ll talk to you again real soon!

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